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1116 Application of Innovative Repair and Retro t Methods
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Commercial products and services focus on mitigation technology for retro t, restoration, and rehabilitation The innovative techniques listed below are in early stages of development They cover the use of: 1 Sample project speci c guidelines for nal plans 2 Protective coating systems Smart Japanese paint: This paint sends out electrical signals which are picked up by electrodes placed on either side of the paint s resin layer if the structure begins to vibrate Electrical signal is greater as vibration increases This paint can evaluate fatigue in old bridges more accurately than strain gauges The NSF s ATLSS Engineering Research Center has developed smart paint with a special dye that outlines a fatigue crack in a bridge as it propagates Magni ed remote cameras: The computer based imaging system can provide spatial measurements and surface analysis It can detect a surface aw and determine its size, shape location, and defect details New vendor products: Seismic isolation bearings, Hilti chemical bolts, etc Improved drainage systems: Examples are Ohio Drainage Guidelines and TN Drainage Manual Innovative techniques include availability of new repair materials, FRP composites to repair overhead sign structures, SIKA CarboDur for general repairs, and SIKAWrap for shear strengthening Sika Corporation concrete admixture called Sikament 686 can be used in cast-in-place or precast applications as a normal water reducer (ASTM C494 Type A) or as a high-range water reducer (ASTM C494 Type F) Increased workability is provided with no delay in normal set time Certain AL water-based concrete admixtures, based on aminocarboxylate technology, tolerate extreme cold and hot temperatures Admixture forms a protective layer on embedded reinforcement that prevents corrosion caused by carbonation, chlorides, and atmospheric attacks It provides corrosion protection for steel reinforcement, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and other metals embedded in concrete structures Corrosion prevention and maintenance painting of steel using protective coating systems Corrosion protection for concrete: Bayer Material Science, one of the manufacturers for corrosion protection, has designed thick- lm coatings for industrial waterproo ng applications, such as concrete and metal bridge decks Its physical and chemical properties include resistance to wear and abrasion, excellent tensile strength, a homogeneous seal on cracked, porous, corrosion resistance for metal substrates, good weather ability, resistance to microbes, and good chemical resistance Baytec SPR spray systems can be pigmented to any color Fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resins were developed in the early 1980s in Japan Fluoropolymers offer a number of desirable properties, among them excellent stability against UV light and the elements, corrosion resistance, and weather, and chemical resistance Fluoropolymer topcoats now are required for use on all bridges in Japan, both for new construction and for repainting On one of the longest Japanese bridges (single span of the bridge is 6527 feet) the coating system was a four-coat system consisting of a number of coatings both eld- and shop-applied Deicing overlays: SafeLane surface overlay acts like a rigid sponge, storing the chemicals and automatically releasing them as conditions develop for the formation of ice or snow This results in safer roads with better mobility and less maintenance because the overlay helps prevent frost or ice from forming on road or bridge surfaces The nal pro le is
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about 3 8-inch-thick The recommended method is outlined in AASHTO Task force 34 The SafeLane surface overlay is expected to provide a robust surface for more than 15 years of service, plus the much-needed pavement seal to limit chemical and moisture penetration into the concrete bridge deck Developments in data recording: Examples are data loggers, data acquisition systems, measurement and control products: Data recording computer hardware devices include pen based tablets, notebook computers, and PCs For eld use they are made more rugged than of ce computers Techniques to extract data from laser-scan point clouds into 3-D MicroStation drawings have been quite successful Use of laser technology to compute axial forces in cable stayed bridges Asset management using robotic devices: Every transportation agency is faced with management of its assets, which include hundreds of bridges No two bridges are alike and the vast varieties cover historic masonry arch bridges to the most modern segmental and cable stayed suspension bridges Routine inspection and NDT of bridges can be performed by potential robotic devices using inertial navigation, odometer and laser techniques A manipulator device will x the sensors on critical bridge locations Isolation bearings and retro t of bearings: Seismic performance of a movable bridge requires some unique considerations, including the behavior of machinery elements and their tolerance for misalignment during earthquakes, and the issue of the requirement for seismic design when the bridge is in the open position Surface conditions at the site are highly variable, making site-speci c response analysis important
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Seismic retro t design is based on the seismic de ciencies established through the performance evaluation such as: The isolation system consists of lead-core rubber seismic isolation bearings combined with semi-active viscous uid dampers positioned between the bridge deck and end abutments Semi-active dampers can offer an effective approach to response modi cation of seismically isolated highway bridge structures Fiberglass drains for bridges: New berglass drains for bridges and elevated highways are light, strong, and easy to install Fiberglass requires fewer supports than other non-metallic pipe, it resists corrosion, and it does not require painting This system allows for a high degree of design exibility
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