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Table 39 Failures due to accidents or impact from vehicles (human error) US Bridges Goose River Bridge Location Rockport, Maine Year 1947 1980 1989 2001 Reasons of Failure Truck impact on truss Truck impact on main truss Litter collector was higher than bridge clearance Truck struck the bridge abutment and caused its collapse Truck slammed into overpass, causing bridge collapse Car collided with oil tanker, causing re
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Truss bridge over Milwaukee River Trenton, Wisconsin Truss bridge Historic Tewksbury Township pony truss bridge Highway 14 overpass over I-45 I-95 bridge German Bridges 2-span bridge over motorway A2 2-span composite bridge over motorway A3 Near Dortmund Near Duisburg Shepherdsville, Kentucky Hunterdon County, New Jersey
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60 miles south of Dallas, Texas2002 Bridgeport, Connecticut 2004
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1979 1979 1979 1980 1981
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Truck high speed impact on piers accident Crane on back of lorry frees itself and impacts bridge deck overload accident Truck looses control, impact on pier accident Truck impact on hanger due to ice design failure Self-erected skip on dump truck impact overload accident
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2-span continuous composite bridgeNear Sittensen over motorway A1 Suspension bridge over Dortmund-Ems Canal Bridge over Mittlerer Ring British Bridges Bridge over M62 motorway Historic wood and metal bridge Near Manchester, England Codsall Railway Station, Staffordshire, England Near M nster Munich
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1975 2005
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Impact of crane on road below accident The bridge collapsed after being hit by a maintenance vehicle accident
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Suggested Preventive Action against Train Collision
1 Slowing down of trains to prevent derailment 2 Better coordination between train drivers and station masters at bridge approaches 3 Railway engineers to study causes of failures and incorporate changes in operations criteria
Table 39 shows failure details of numerous truck and vehicle impacts on superstructures or substructures that can be minimized by taking necessary precautions
3111 Minimum Vertical Under Clearance Is a Bottleneck for Truck Traf c
AASHTO requirements are to use 16 feet 6 inches vertical under clearance Many old bridges in the US and abroad do not meet this requirement Newer model trucks at times get stuck under the girders causing serious damage to the bridge and the truck
3112 Vehicular Accidents/Damage to Superstructures and Substructures
Vehicular accidents can cause damage to parapets and railings Girders and piers get hit by vehicles due to insuf cient horizontal and vertical under clearance Vehicular accidents may also be caused by poor deck drainage and water accumulation after a heavy downpour Some causes include: 1 There may not be enough scuppers installed on the deck 2 The magnitudes of cross slope (< 4 percent) and longitudinal slope (< 2 percent) may not be adequate 3 The local intensity of rainfall may be underestimated 4 In winter months, ice layers forming on the concrete deck may create a slippery surface for vehicle wheels 5 In addition, deicing salts may cause early deterioration and cracking of a deck, making a bumpy ride for motorists
3113 Suggested Preventive Action against Vehicle Collision
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Ensuring adequate drainage of decks during storms Ef cient de-icing after snowfall and posting warning signs for bridge deck freezing Improving traf c signs at approaches Avoiding centrifugal forces due to a sharp radius, or improving sight distance Discouraging drunk driving with severe penalties It is important that vehicles and the bridge be properly maintained Also, drivers should not be under the in uence of drugs or suffering from drowsiness due to lack of sleep
1 Bridges provide vital links for the nation s economy, defense, and quality of life In addition to natural hazards, the transportation infrastructure in the US is vulnerable to physical, biological, chemical, and radiological attacks To keep the system safe and operational under all circumstances systems and technologies should be developed to prevent, detect, respond to, and remediate all attacks The design of bridges for blast and impact is important Multiple hazards affect the stability and service life of structures 2 University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC) has a unique National Center for Explosion Resistant Design They are engaged in research projects to establish prototypical functionality and architectural standards for blast-resistant barricade systems through applied research, design, and test efforts 3 To begin addressing this concern, FHWA has initiated a state pooled grant program entitled Validation of Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Steel Bridge Towers Subjected to Blast Loading The research program includes a combination of blast testing against scaled steel tower components and parallel numerical computations using a variety of analytical tools 4 Inelastic dynamic progressive collapse analysis of truss structures: In a truss, dynamic effects may arise not only due to external dynamic loads, but also due to a sudden reduction in the stiffness and load carrying capacity of a member Resulting dynamic redistribution of internal forces may lead to progressive collapse of the entire truss structure
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