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In addition to providing for button animations, Blu-ray Disc accommodates an option for button sounds or interactive audio Whenever a user interaction occurs, an audio snippet can be played, as well Interactive audio can be associated with each selected and each activated button state When a button is selected, a sound effect is heard and, when the button is activated, a different sound effect is heard This can be used in many creative ways: just envision using this feature to create a version of menus for the visually impaired And in the context of button sounds for popup menus, the audio will be mixed with any other currently playing audio streams The format for interactive audio is LPCM, which may contain up to two channels with a sampling frequency of 48kHz and 16 bits per sample All button sounds are stored in a soundbdmv file, which can contain up to 128 individual pieces but cannot exceed a total aggregated file size of 2MB Interactive audio can also be used by BD-J applications In fact, the support of interactive audio in HDMV mode is optional for players but it is mandatory for BD-J applications Fortunately, most players do support interactive audio for either scenario
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Application Details
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Browsable Slideshow
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Another feature introduced with Blu-ray is the browsable slideshow This feature basically decouples a contiguous audio presentation from the images being viewed As a result, it is possible to present a number of still images or video clips while audio continues to play The user is able to switch back and forth between the slides without interrupting the audio With DVD, such an application feature was desired, but was only possible with DVD-Audio players Now, using the path and subpath concept of Blu-ray, this scenario is available The images are stored in the main path for the user to navigate while the audio is stored in a subpath The user navigation within the main path will not interfere with the audio play back from the subpath
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BD-Java (BD-J) Details
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The most sophisticated method of programming a Blu-ray Disc takes advantage of the Java programming language, and is called BD-Java (BD-J) This allows a lot of flexibility for the content author at the core of the system, as there are no restrictions introduced by specific authoring software2 This is pure software development and can be best compared to writing a software application for a PC This, obviously, requires a much higher level of commitment and a very different skill set than what regular DVD authors would normally bring to the table The benefit of a full-fledged programming language is the level of flexibility it provides to programmers Other than your own imagination and the capabilities of the playback hardware, there are no further constraints A second benefit is the reusability of the software code Java code can be developed in an abstract way where the code portions are separated from the creative or content portions This way it is easy to reuse the same code for multiple discs, as only the specific content (graphics, animations, text, et cetera) would have to change Another benefit is extensibility and scalability As the code interacts with the application and the player, it is possible to scale an application based on the player s capabilities This means that a more powerful player may show more advanced menu animations while other players may not BD-J guarantees a great user experience on every player without having to code only for the lowest common denominator And, because players will most likely get better and faster as time goes on, writing extensible code allows for new features to be introduced further down the line In other words, there may be ideas that cannot be implemented in today s applications due to player limitations, such as slow processors or minimal loca storage capacity However, this situation may change over time as player processors get faster and hare larger internal and external hard drives, at which point such application features would become possible
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2There are software applications available with the aim of simplifying the BD-J development process by automatically generating BD-J code Such applications typically provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which means it doesn t require a Java programmer to build a BD-J application On the flip side of that, most of these applications have their own set of limitations and it may not always be possible to implement the features and functions desired
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