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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Application Details
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with the Profile 10 players that were first released to the market Other features are only possible with Profile 2, which is optional for players However, it is worth noting these features, as they are truly innovative and very interesting in certain applications
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Multi-disc Sets
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Before getting too far into the territory of the newer generation players that are using Profile 11 or 2, let s focus on advanced features that are possible with any player One of those features is a multi-disc set Imagine a Blu-ray boxed set with multiple discs holding all episodes to a TV series Wouldn t it be great if the entire boxed set could be enjoyed without interrupting the user experience In other words, once all the episodes on the first disc are finished, the menu would ask for the next disc to be inserted and, while the disc change happens, the menus remain on-screen with some animations continuing to run Once the new disc is ready, playback automatically resumes with the next episode without having to press a single button All this is possible with BD-J by using disc-unbound applications A BD-J application can be bound to either a title or a disc allowing the following three scenarios j First, the application can be disc and title bound, which means that the application is only active while a specific title is being played In the event where the title is changed, for instance to jump to a bonus piece, the application is terminated j The second scenario is disc bound and title unbound, which allows the application to continue running while a title change occurs This allows a more integrated disc experience, as the main menu may always be present regardless of the title being played back j However, in the first two scenarios, the application is terminated whenever the disc is ejected This is where scenario three comes into play, the disc-unbound application This scenario allows a disc to be ejected and another disc to be inserted without terminating the application During the disc change, the application continues to run, provided that both discs have the proper permissions set This multi-disc feature provides excellent creative opportunities to improve the user experience
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Programmable Audio Mixing
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As one may expect, BD-J also provides capabilities for interactive audio just like HDMV does Yet, since BD-J is a programming language it allows a lot more flexibility Basically, a Blu-ray Disc can play multiple different audio streams simultaneously, such as, main audio for the primary feature track, secondary audio for a commentary or PIP track, and effect audio for button sounds or other effects Because the player only allows one audio stream to be output, this requires the player to mix the streams together An audio mixer inside the player performs the mixing function, as depicted in Figure 618
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Application Details
Figure 618 Audio Mixer Components
Main audio
Player audio stream output
Sub audio
Effects audio
Mixing parameters
The audio mixer accepts mixing parameters that determine how the final output will sound And since it is important for an application to control these parameters, BD-J allows a content developer to have full control over the audio mixing happening inside the player It is even possible to programmatically change the audio mixing parameters to make it even more flexible or to potentially pass the control to the enduser via an on-screen tool
Local Storage
The local storage feature of Blu-ray allows a player to have onboard memory to store additional data for various purposes Each Blu-ray player has two different local storage areas an Application Data Area (ADA, sometimes also referred to as APDA, and known in MHP as persistent storage) and a Binding Unit Data Area (BUDA) The Application Data Area resides inside the player and is guaranteed to only be 64KB in size This area is typically used to store small amounts of information such as user preferences, progress information, or other small data files The Binding Unit Data Area can either reside inside or outside the player, or both The intention for BUDA is to be able to store larger files AV streams, subtitles, applications, or other types of files Even if a player already has a large amount of built-in local storage, it may have the option for additional storage that can be added externally, for instance, through the use of a USB port While the ADA support has been available inside players from the very beginning (starting with the Profile 10 players), support of BUDA was only introduced with Profile 11 players The minimum requirement for a Profile 11 player level is to support 256MB of BUDA storage, while a Profile 2 player has to support a minimum of 1GB The reasoning for this should be rather obvious If a player is network-connected, it is more likely that additional storage space for downloaded material will be required However, the BD requirements state that as long as a player provides the capability to add external storage, the minimum requirement is fulfilled In other words, as long as a player
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