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DisplayPort Interface Standard
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The DisplayPort 11 interface standard has been established by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) (OMG, yet another committee!!!) Primarily expected to replace analog VGA and digital DVI connections currently in use for computer hardware, DisplayPort adds audio capacity, improved color signal passthrough, and enhanced screen resolution capabilities to a single cable DisplayPort offers an open standard alternative to HDMI As such, there is no inherent royalty cost to manufacturers, whereas HDMI technology is licensed by HDMI LLC and the cost for HDMI licensing raises device costs to consumers (see the Licensing section of 4) DisplayPort (DP) is fully compatible with HDMI 13, and consumers will be able to purchase HDMI-to-DisplayPort adaptors and/or cables DP supports HDCP and DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection)(doh!) thus satisfying the content mavens at the Hollywood studios and allaying their Digital Rights Management (DRM) concerns There are minor differences between DP and HDMI DP 11 supports a maximum bandwidth of 108 Gbit/s while HDMI supports 102 Gbit/s The connector for DisplayPort is similar to that for USB and provides an optional latching mechanism for surer connections There is an expected future improvement for DisplayPort that will accommodate multiple displays in a daisy-chain configuration But, the bottom line difference between DisplayPort and HDMI is economics The PC industry is supporting DP because they do not have to pay royalties for using it, while a few companies in the consumer electronics industry developed HDMI and require licensing agreements for using the HDMI interface Fortunately, the ramp-up for DisplayPort incorporation with computers and other devices is taking longer than initially projected thereby also delaying any confusing impact on the marketplace Oh, did we mention that the DP connector is smaller than the VGA and the DVI connectors that it replaces
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Upscaling DVD
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When we first saw the term, upscaling DVD, another phrase came to mind silk purse But, some of the biggest players in the player arena are deadly serious about providing this feature What everyone must recognize is that NO DVD-VIDEO PLAYER IS CAPABLE OF PLAYING NATIVE HIGH-DEFINITION FORMAT VIDEO BECAUSE DVD-VIDEO IS ONLY STANDARD DEFINITION!1 In the summer of 2008, Toshiba raised the confusion of digitally upscaling standard-definition DVD to new heights After losing the HD format war, Toshiba sought to reassert itself in the optical disc arena by introducing Toshiba XDE (eXtended Detail Enhancement) technology This latest attempt at infusing a near HD 2 quality presentation when watching a standard DVD will likely only prolong the general malaise that is affecting the marketplace when it comes to buying into the latest HD technologies Electronics manufacturers have hit on a way to provide purchasers of high-definition televisions with a display size matching video output from a standard DVD-Video player, with the additional requirement that a digitally secure connection must exist between the devices Through the use of specially designed integrated circuit chipsets, the DVD video output may be scaled to match the desired display setting These chipsets use various techniques to achieve the higher display rates, such as line doubling, pixel interpolation or pixel repetition, enhanced edge detail, deeper color with higher contrast, and some chipsets provide better pictures than other chipsets A standard DVD contains MPEG-2 video encoded as either 525/60 (NTSC) video at 720 pixels by 480 lines or 625/50 (PAL) format video of 720 pixels by 576 lines, and the digital upscaling recomposes the video to match the 720p, 1080i, or 1080p presentation settings of the display The advantage of having a DVD player perform the upscaling function is that the data remains in the digital domain Previously, the DVD video would be converted to analog and sent to the display as composite, s-video, or component video The display would then perform an analog-to-digital conversion prior to presenting the rescaled imagery on the screen An improved viewing capability may be most noticeable when watching a digitally upscaled output of a progressive-scan DVD player using the HDMI or DVI link In fact, the digitally upscaled output is not viewable on any of the player s analog outputs The prices of these upscaling DVD players are considerably below that of a Blu-ray Disc player or a PlayStation 3 game console Giving extended, if not new, life to existing DVD collections with an upscaling player may prove very appealing to a significant portion of the market But, it is a somewhat surprising case of manufacturers advocating good enough quality as a strategy, which will likely further contribute to the delay in consumer adoption of true high-definition
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1There are a few DVD players that are capable of playing Windows Media High-Definition Video (WMV HD) and HD DivX files from DVD-5 or DVD-9 discs 2Saying that upscaled SD is near HD is akin to saying the Moon is near the Earth It is true, from a cosmic perspective, but when you are gazing up at the Moon while still on Earth it certainly does not look near
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