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Specialized User Input
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Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that producers of next-generation content must deal with is the increased complexity of user input Many applications require keyboard input, such as entering an e-mail address or a name and address for transactions However, most players do not have a physical keyboard Therefore, the BD-J application may need to provide a virtual keyboard Likewise, some applications work much better with a mouse or a game controller, but most players do not come with a mouse or trackball so, again, the standard remote control must be accommodated Designers must pay careful attention to the lack of direct manipulation caused by the simplistic and indirect up/down/left/right/enter controls It is possible for Blu-ray players to support a wide range of input devices, which is a tremendous benefit that allows for more creative applications, but it complicates interoperability because the application developer usually does not know what controllers each user will have Another challenge that content producers face is inter-application navigation Bluray makes it possible to have multiple applications active and displayed simultaneously, each with its own user interface Due to the complexities of navigating among different interactive elements (even within a single application), the specifications do not generally provide for automatic inter-application navigation As a result, an author must remain constantly aware of what applications might be active at any time and determine how to navigate among them (or always use just one application) One of the more forward-thinking features is support for a generic device framework This allows new types of controllers to be created and used after the launch of the format By supporting a method of acquiring raw data input from a controller, applications can be written to support new and innovative types of input devices such as specialized kiosk controllers, new game pads, biometric devices, or other types of input devices that have yet to be conceived
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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11 Use in Business and Education
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The primary focus for marketing DVD and Blu-ray Disc is, of course, home entertainment However, the effectiveness of video has long been recognized for instruction and learning DVD-Video has been hugely successful in business and education for advertising, marketing and communications, training, self-instruction, museum installations, video signs, and much, much more, especially because of the extremely low cost of DVD players Digital video on hard disks or flash memory and Internet-delivered video have begun to make a dent in the roles that DVD carved out, but there remains an important role for Blu-ray, especially with its superior interactivity, high-definition video, and relatively low cost
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The Appeal of Blu-ray
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Blu-ray has distinct advantages over other media, such as videotape, print, CD-ROM, DVD, and the Internet For example, the capability of Blu-ray discs to carry large amounts of high definition, full-screen video makes it more compelling, more effective, and more entertaining Blu-ray players are actually sophisticated computers that a decade ago would have cost thousands of dollars1 Much of what can be done with a computer and Web technology can be done more simply, in a more standardized fashion, more accessibly, and less expensively with Blu-ray Other benefits include j Low cost Production and replication costs of Blu-ray discs are surprisingly low compared to videotape, CD and, even, DVD, especially when cost calculations take the larger capacity into account Corporate and government databases that would fill dozens or hundreds of DVD-ROMs or CD-ROMs can be put on a few Blu-ray discs, with one BD-50 taking the place of 70 CDs j Simple, inexpensive, reliable distribution Five-inch discs are easier and cheaper to mail than tapes or books Optical discs are not susceptible to damage from magnetic fields, x-rays, or even cosmic rays, which can damage tapes and magnetic discs in transit A single disc is easier to store than bulky videotapes or audiotapes and multiple CDs or DVDs Production is quicker, logistics are simpler, and inventory is streamlined Although flash memory cards are becoming ubiquitous, they are not suited for inexpensive mass distribution At 2008 prices
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1Amazingly, the Silicon Graphics Indy workstations used in the late 90 s to run DVD authoring software such as Scenarist, with CPUs at less than 200 MHz and RAM less than 512MB, cost around thirty thousand US dollars A typical Blu-ray player, at a fraction of that cost, has a CPU running faster than 300 MHz and a few hundred megabytes of RAM, not to mention multistream hardware decoding for video and audio
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