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Companies spend billions of dollars a year producing printed information, much of which requires unwieldy indexes and other reference material merely to make it accessible In addition, much of it becomes out of date in a very short time Corporate and product information is moving more and more to the Internet but, for large publications or those that benefit from a graphic or video element, Blu-ray provides a cost-effective means of distribution coupled with improved access to the content Blu-ray is also a high-impact business-to-business communications tool It can be used as a standalone no instructions needed communication device or it can back up an in-person
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Use in Business and Education
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presentation The message can include high-quality corporate videos, advertising clips, interviews with staff, video introductions, dynamic video press releases, visual instruction manuals, and documentaries of corporate events such as new office openings and seminars Companies can send free discs in the mail to targeted audiences Unlike VHS tapes, which people often ignore because they don t want to have to sit through the whole thing, video on disc can be broken into small, easily digested segments that the viewer can select from onscreen menus This revolutionizes the way businesses can communicate with their customers and with other businesses The discs can be played in both settop players and computers, so traveling executives might be tempted to pop a free disc into their Blu-ray-equipped laptop computer while flying or when sitting in a hotel room, for instance Highly effective video-supported presentation demands on-the-fly, instant, context-sensitive access to any point in the footage Linear presentations are woefully inadequate for this task Even most computer-delivered video is, by comparison, stuck in a previous decade with limited random access, a single audio track, and no subtitle tracks You can pop a video onto YouTube, but the clunky accessibility makes it useless for much more than casual viewing By supporting multiple language tracks a single Blu-ray Disc eradicates geographic and cultural barriers Whether distributed to individuals for playback on PCs, shown to groups via settop players or portable PCs connected to video projectors, or mounted in network servers for remote viewing, Blu-ray helps get the message to every recipient Obviously, DVD can do much of this, as well, albeit with a less sophisticated interface, but in environments where visual clarity is important, such as, in large-screen presentations, Blu-ray has the advantage
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Training and Business Education
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Now that sufficient numbers of DVD players and DVD-equipped computers are established in businesses, there is no question that DVD has become a leading delivery format for business training Blu-ray also has a role to play wherever there is a need for longer playing times, higher video quality, and more advanced interaction combined with Internet connectivity The Internet alone has certain advantages such as low cost and timeliness, but the demand for high-quality multimedia far exceeds the capabilities of the typical Internet connection for the near future Blu-ray and DVD are better suited to deliver quick access to large amounts of high-quality video and audio, and can be integrated easily with the Internet to provide the best of both worlds The Blu-ray format, supported by Blu-ray players and by Blu-ray navigation software in computers, is strictly defined in hundreds of pages of technical specifications Blu-ray content development requires specialized authoring systems As with all content authoring systems, the ease of development is inversely proportional to the flexibility of the tools (Figure 111) Figure 111 The Authoring Environment Spectrum: Utility vs Ease of Use
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Use in Business and Education
As the parameters of the system are constrained, the complexity of the task is reduced Since HDMV is quite constrained, it is relatively easy to develop for it, given the proper tools BD-J provides more flexibility and power, but at a cost of a steeper learning curve and more complexity Anyone considering video training programs should decide if the features of BDMV or BD-J meet their requirements A simple product containing menus, pictures, and video may be developed using Blu-ray in less time and for less money than with a complex computer authoring system DVD-Video worked so well for certain corporate education and training applications that the content sold the hardware With player prices well under $50, companies spending thousands or millions of dollars on video-based education and training programs do not need to think twice about equipping their employees or learning laboratories with players Many companies that used expensive or specialized systems, such as study kiosks or computers, have switched to DVD players As Blu-ray prices drop, it likewise becomes an amazingly inexpensive and standardized device for video-based instruction Blu-ray for computer data, on the other hand, covers the entire spectrum from customprogrammed software to fill-in-the blank lesson templates Practically any authoring or software development system can produce material to be delivered on BD-ROM or BD-recordable The main advantages of Blu-ray over other media are space, data transfer speed, and cost per byte Flash memory prices continue to drop as capacities increase, but BD-ROM is literally orders of magnitude cheaper cents per gigabyte rather than cents per megabyte For distributing hundreds or thousands of copies, flash memory is simply not cost effective compared to Blu-ray Byte-per-byte, Blu-ray is even cheaper than DVD Blu-ray drive transfer rates are similar to hard disks, and even though the access rates are slower, in many cases Blu-ray s higher capacity and lower cost more than compensate
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