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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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625/50 The scanning system of 625 lines per frame and 50 interlaced fields (25 frames) per second Used by PAL and SECAM television standards 720p 720 lines of progressive video (720 lines per frame) Usually refers to 1280 720 resolution in 178 aspect ratio 720p60 refers to 60 frames per second; 720p30 refers to 30 frames per second; and 720p24 refers to 24 frames per second (film source) 7C The group of seven founding companies responsible for defining the HDMI specification: Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson, and Toshiba See HDMI and wwwhdmiorg 8/16 modulation The form of modulation block code used by DVD to store channel data on the disc See modulation 9C Nickname for the original Blu-ray Disc Founders (BDF) AAC Advanced audio coder An audio-encoding standard for MPEG-2 that is not backwardcompatible with MPEG-1 audio AACS Advanced Access Content System (Sometimes pronounced access ) A specification for encryption of content on prerecorded and recordable optical media to restrict copying The AACS Licensing Administrator, LLC (AACS LA) was founded by Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Warner Bros, IBM, Toshiba, and Sony AC Alternating current An electric current that regularly reverses direction Adopted as a video term for a signal of non-zero frequency Compare to DC AC-3 The former name of the Dolby Digital audio-coding system, which is still technically referred to as AC-3 in standards documents AC-3 is the successor to Dolby s AC-1 and AC-2 audio coding techniques access time The time it takes for a drive to access a data track and begin transferring data In an optical jukebox, the time it takes to locate a specific disk, insert it in an optical drive, and begin transferring data to the host system ActiveMovie The former name for Microsoft s DirectShow technology ADA See Application Data Area ADPCM Adaptive differential pulse code modulation A compression technique that encodes the difference between one sample and the next Variations are lossy and lossless AES Audio Engineering Society See wwwaesorg AES/EBU The old name for AES3 AES3 A digital audio signal transmission standard for professional use, defined by the Audio Engineering Society and the European Broadcasting Union Uses time-division multiplexing to create a two-channel digital audio signal Also published as ANSI S440-1992 S/PDIF is the consumer adaptation of this standard AGC Automatic gain control A circuit designed to boost the amplitude of a signal to provide adequate levels for recording Also see Macrovision aliasing A distortion (artifact) in the reproduction of digital audio or video that results when the signal frequency is more than half the sampling frequency The sampling resolution is insufficient to distinguish between alternate reconstructions of the waveform (high-frequency components of the signal resemble low-frequency components), thus admitting noise that was not present in the original signal Always-On Menu A variation of the HDMV Pop-Up Menu that is activated by the content on the disc and cannot be removed by the user analog A signal of (theoretically) infinitely variable levels Compare to digital anamorphic A widescreen video format where the image is distorted to fit into a thinner aspect ratio angle An angle is a scene recorded from different viewpoints Each angle is equal in time length and an Angle Block may contain up to nine (9) angles ANSI American National Standards Institute (see http://wwwansiorg)
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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AOD Advanced optical disc The original name for HD DVD A pun on the Japanese word ao for blue API Application programming interface A set of publicly defined functions that an operating system or a code library provides to be controlled by other computer programs Application Data Area See Persistent Storage application format A specification for storing information in a particular way to enable a particular use Examples are HDMV, BDJ, DVD-Video, and CD audio APS Analog protection system, designed to prevent copying in analog form, such as to tape Macrovision is the prime example artifact An unnatural effect not present in the original video or audio, produced by an external agent or action Artifacts can be caused by many factors, including digital compression, film-to-video transfer, transmission errors, data readout errors, electrical interference, analog signal noise, and analog signal crosstalk Most artifacts attributed to the digital compression of DVD are in fact from other sources Digital compression artifacts will always occur in the same place and in the same way Possible MPEG artifacts are mosquitoes, blocking, and video noise aspect ratio The width-to-height ratio of an image A 4:3 aspect ratio means the horizontal size is a third again wider than the vertical size Standard television ratio is 4:3 (or 133:1) Widescreen DVD and HTDV aspect ratio is 16:9 (or 178:1) Common film aspect ratios are 185:1 and 235:1 Aspect ratios normalized to a height of 1 are often abbreviated by leaving off the :1 assistant vocal A leading guide function for singing a song, as in the vocal part of Karaoke songs in Karaoke equipped DVD Video players It is also called the guide vocal ATAPI Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) Packet Interface An interface between a computer and its internal peripherals such as DVD-ROM drives ATAPI provides the command set for controlling devices connected via an ATA (IDE) interface ATA-2 is also known as Enhanced IDE (EIDE) ATAPI was extended for use in DVD-ROM drives by the SFF 8090 specification, developed by the Mt Fuji group ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee In 1978, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) empaneled the Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service (ACATS) as an investigatory and advisory committee to develop information that would assist the FCC in establishing an advanced broadcast television (ATV) standard for the United States This committee created a subcommittee, the ATSC, to explore the need for and to coordinate development of the documentation of Advanced Television Systems In 1993, the ATSC recommended that efforts be limited to a digital television system (DTV), and in September 1995 issued its recommendation for a Digital Television System standard, which was approved with the exclusion of compression format constraints (picture resolution, frame rate, and frame sequence) ATV Advanced television TV with significantly better video and audio than standard TV Sometimes used interchangeably with HDTV, but more accurately encompasses any improved television system, including those beyond HDTV Also sometimes used interchangeably with the final recommended standard of the ATSC, which is more correctly called DTV audio coding mode The method by which audio is digitally encoded, such as PCM, AC3, DTS, MPEG Audio or SDDS authoring For BDMV, BD-J, and DVD-Video, authoring refers to the process of designing, creating, collecting, formatting, and encoding material For BD-ROM and DVD-ROM, authoring usually refers to using a specialized program to produce multimedia computer software autostart If Title on a Blu-ray disc contains associated BD-J applications, one or more of the applications must be marked as autostart These applications will be executed when the Title is played AV stream file File (with M2TS extension) containing a clip AV stream (MPEG-2 transport stream) used by the BDAV system Stored in the STREAMS directory on the disc
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