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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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channel A part of an audio track Typically there is one channel allocated for each loudspeaker channel bit The bits stored on the disc, after being modulated channel data The bits physically recorded on an optical disc after error-correction encoding and modulation Because of the extra information and processing, channel data is larger than the user data contained within it chapter In BD and DVD-Video, a division of a title In BD, chapters are defined by Entry-Marks in a PlayList In DVD, a chapter is technically called a part of title (PTT) chroma (C ) The nonlinear color component of a video signal, independent of the luma Identified by the symbol C (where prime [ ] indicates nonlinearity) but usually written as C because it s never linear in practice chroma subsampling Reducing color resolution by taking fewer color samples than luminance samples chrominance (C) The color component (hue and saturation) of light or a video signal, independent of luminance Technically, chrominance refers to the linear component of video, as opposed to the transformed nonlinear chroma component CIE Commission Internationale de l clairage/International Commission on Illumination CIF Common intermediate format Video resolution of 352 288 Cinavia Trade name of Verance audio watermark technology used in AACS CIRC Cross-interleaved Reed Solomon code An error-correction coding method that overlaps small frames of data clamping area The area near the inner hole of a disc where the drive grips the disc in order to spin it Clip A Clip AV Stream file (an MPEG-2 transport stream segment) together with its Clip Information file (access point time stamps) Clips are linked together by one or more PlayLists A Blu-ray disc may contain up to 4000 Clips Clip AV Stream MPEG-2 transport stream carrying audio and video used by the BDAV system Clip Information A time-ordered list of time stamps defining access points into the associated Clip AV Stream closed caption Textual video overlays that are not normally visible, as opposed to open captions, which are a permanent part of the picture Captions are usually a textual representation of the spoken audio intended for hearing impaired viewers In the United States, the official NTSC Closed Caption standard requires that all TVs larger than 13 inches include circuitry to decode and display caption information stored on line 21 of the video signal BD closed captions are carried in MPEG-2 cc_data() fields (as defined in A/53C, EIA-708-B, and EIA/CEA-608-B), AVC SEI user-data messages, or VC-1 SMPTE 421M user data DVD-Video can provide closed caption data in MPEG-2 user-data fields closed GOP See GOP clpi File extension for BD Clip Information files (in the BDMV/CLIPINF directory on the disc) CLUT Color lookup table An index that maps a limited range color values to a full range of values such as RGB or YUV CLV Constant linear velocity Refers to a rotating disc system in which the head moves over the disc surface at a constant velocity, requiring that the motor vary the rotation speed as the head travels in and out The further the head is from the center of the disc, the slower the rotation The advantage of CLV is that data density remains constant, optimizing use of the surface area Contrast with CAV and ZCLV CMI Content management information General information about copy protection and allowed use of protected content Includes CCI codec Coder/decoder The circuitry or computer software that encodes and decodes a signal Coherent Acoustics The full name for the multi-channel audio format called DTS
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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color banding An artifact related to digital graphics with insufficient color depth to represent subtle differences in color Banding occurs most visibly in slow gradients such as the fade of the blue sky It appears as hard lines (bands) as the shade of the color changes color depth The number of levels of color (usually including luma and chroma) that can be represented by a pixel Generally expressed as a number of bits or a number of colors The color depth of MPEG video in DVD is 24 bits, although the chroma component is shared across 4 pixels (averaging 12 actual bits per pixel) color difference A pair of video signals that contain the color components minus the brightness component, usually B-Y and R-Y (G-Y is not used, since it generally carries less information) The colordifference signals for a black-and-white picture are zero The advantage of color-difference signals is that the color component can be reduced more than the brightness (luma) component without being visually perceptible color model Any of several means of specifying colors according to their individual components See RGB, YUV colorburst See burst colorist The title used for someone who operates a telecine machine to transfer film to video Part of the process involves correcting the video color to match the film combo drive A DVD-ROM drive capable of reading and writing CD-R and CD-RW media May also refer to a DVD-R or DVD-RW or DVD+RW drive with the same capability companded In digital data, first compressed and then expanded, resulting in nonlinear code representation component video A video system containing three separate color component signals, either red/green/blue (RGB) or chroma/color difference (YCbCr, YPbPr, YUV), in analog or digital form The MPEG-2 encoding system used by DVD is based on color-difference component digital video Very few televisions have component video inputs composite video An analog video signal in which the luma and chroma components are combined (by frequency multiplexing), along with sync and burst Also called CVBS Most televisions and VCRs have composite video connectors, which are usually colored yellow compression The process of removing redundancies in digital data to reduce the amount that must be stored or transmitted Lossless compression removes only enough redundancy so that the original data can be recreated exactly as it was Lossy compression sacrifices additional data to achieve greater compression compression rate A measurement as a percent of how much something has been compressed For pictures, for example, the higher the percentage is, the better the quality of the image and the bigger the file size conform Adjust the beginning, ending, and playing time of an audio track to properly synchronize with the video constant data rate or constant bitrate See CBR Content Code Software programs distributed on Blu-ray discs that run on the BD+ VM to examine the security of the player before undoing Media Transforms to make the content playable Content Scrambling System (CSS) In DVD-Video, the encryption scheme designed to protect copyrighted material that resides on a disc by scrambling portions of the data using encryption keys contrast The range of brightness between the darkest and lightest elements of an image core stream In DTS-HD audio, the core stream carries the signal that is backwards compatibility with legacy DTS decoding equipment Extension substreams add additional audio information for more channels, lossless encoding, and so on CPAC Content Protection Advisory Council The advisory body for DVD CCA, responsible for any
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