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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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digital Expressed in digits A set of discrete numeric values, as used by a computer Analog information can be digitized by sampling digital signal processor (DSP) A digital circuit that can be programmed to perform digital data manipulation tasks such as decoding or audio effects digital video noise reduction (DVNR) Digitally removing noise from video by comparing frames in sequence to spot temporal aberrations Digital Visual Interface (DVI) The digital video interface standard developed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) A replacement for analog VGA monitor interface digital zero The case where all digitally encoded audio amplitude data is equal to zero digitize To convert analog information to digital information by sampling DIN Deutsches Institut f r Normung The German Institute for Standardization directory The part of a disc that indicates what files are stored on the disc and where they are located Often called a folder directory structure The organization of folders (directories) and files defined by the BD (or DVD) format DirectShow A software standard developed by Microsoft for playback of digital video and audio in the Windows operating system Replaces the older MCI and Video for Windows software discrete cosine transform See DCT discrete surround sound Audio in which each channel is stored and transmitted separate from and independent of other channels Multiple independent channels directed to loudspeakers in front of and behind the listener allow precise control of the soundfield in order to generate localized sounds and simulate moving sound sources display rate The number of times per second the image in a video system is refreshed Progressive scan systems such as film or HDTV change the image once per frame Interlace scan systems such as standard television change the image twice per frame, with two fields in each frame Film has a frame rate of 24 fps, but each frame is shown twice by the projector for a display rate of 48 fps 525/60 (NTSC) television has a rate of 2997 frames per second (5994 fields per second) 625/50 (PAL/SECAM) television has a rate of 25 frames per second (50 fields per second) Divx Digital Video Express A short-lived pay-per-viewing-period variation of DVD, later resurrected as DivX for a series of codecs and the resulting company DL Dual layer To get more physical data on an optical disc, a second layer of data can be added To read the second layer, the laser refocuses through the first layer to read the second layer DLP Digital Light Processing The trademark name for Texas Instrument s digital micromirror device (DMD) for video image generation and projection DLT Digital linear tape A digital archive standard using half-inch tapes, commonly used for submitting a premastered DVD disc image to a replication service Dolby Digital (AC-3) A perceptual coding system for audio, developed by Dolby Laboratories and used for film, BD, DVD, and DTV Dolby Digital reduces the amount of data needed to represent an audio signal by removing information that usually can t be heard by human ears Dolby Digital EX Dolby Digital EX matrix encodes the left and right surround channels to add a rear center channel for 61-channel surround audio (71 if two rear speakers are used for the added channel) Dolby Digital Plus An extension to Dolby Digital that supports 8 or more audio channels (limited to 71 in Blu-ray) and data rates up to 6 Mbps (limited to 17 Mbps in Blu-ray) An optional audio format for Blu-ray discs Dolby Lossless An early name for MLP format licensed by Dolby and later extended and named Dolby TrueHD
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Dolby Pro Logic The technique (or the circuit that applies the technique) of extracting surround audio channels from a matrix-encoded audio signal Dolby Pro Logic is a decoding technique only, but is often mistakenly used to refer to Dolby Surround audio encoding Dolby Surround The standard for matrix encoding surround-sound channels in a stereo signal by applying a set of defined mathematical functions when combining center and surround channels with left and right channels The center and surround channels can then be extracted by a decoder such as a Dolby Pro Logic circuit that applies the inverse of the mathematical functions A Dolby Surround decoder extracts surround channels, while a Dolby Pro Logic decoder uses additional processing to create a center channel The process is essentially independent of the recording or transmission format Any stereo encoding format, including Dolby Digital, MP3, DTS, and others, is compatible with Dolby Surround audio Dolby TrueHD Lossless audio encoding used in the Blu-ray format A maximum bit rate of 18 Mbps provides up to eight channels of 24-bit, 96 kHz audio with features such as dialog normalization and dynamic range control Based on MLP combined with a Dolby Digital stream for backward compatibility DOT Digital only token Defined by AACS, a flag in the content that restricts video output to protected digital connections only double-sided disc A type of disc on which data is recorded on both sides downmix To convert a multichannel audio track into a two-channel stereo track by combining the channels with the Dolby Surround process All DVD players are required to provide downmixed audio output from Dolby Digital audio tracks downsampling See subsampling DRA See DigiRise DRA DRC See dynamic range compression driver A software component that enables an application to communicate with a hardware device DRM Digital rights management A technical system for controlling access to content based on a set of usage rights determined by the content owner DRMs typically encrypt content and use certificates (public/private keys) delivered over the Internet to control access drop-frame timecode The method of time code computation that accounts for the reality of there being only 2997 frames of video per second The 003 frame is visually insignificant, but mathematically very significant A one hour video program will have 107,892 frames of video (2997 frames per second 60 seconds 60 minutes) The drop-frame time code method of accommodating reality was developed where 2 frames are dropped from the numerical count for every minute in an hour except for every 10th minute when no frames are dropped See also non-drop-frame timecode and timecode DSD Direct Stream Digital An uncompressed audio bitstream coding method developed by Sony An alternative to PCM DSP See digital signal processor DSVCD Double Super Video Compact Disc Long-playing (100-minute) variation of SVCD DTCP Digital Transmission Content Protection Technology developed by the 5C to protect video and audio transmission against unauthorized interception or retransmission in the digital home environment DTCP can be implemented over any high-speed bidirectional digital bus, including IEEE 1394, USB, and the MOST network used in automobiles DTCP is designed for networks and distributed busses, as compared with HDCP, which is designed for point-to-point connections DTHD Dolby True HD DTLA The Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA, also known as 5C), the five-company entity that produces copy-protection schemes: Hitachi, Intel, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba See DTCP and wwwdtcpcom
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