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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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FireWire A standard for transmission of digital data between external peripherals, including consumer audio and video devices The official name is IEEE 1394, based on the original FireWire design by Apple Computer fixed rate Information flow at a constant volume over time See CBR FLLA Format and Logo License Agreement from the BDA, required to manufacture BD products and use the BD logo forensic watermark A watermark containing information about the origin of video or audio content, such as a particular theater or particular player It is not intended to protect the content, but is used in tracking down the source of unauthorized copies formatting 1) Creating a disc image 2) Preparing storage media for recording fps Frames per second A measure of the rate at which pictures are shown for a motion video image In NTSC and PAL video, each frame is made up of two interlaced fields fragile watermark A watermark designed to be destroyed by any form of copying or encoding other than a bit-for-bit digital copy Absence of the watermark indicates that a copy has been made frame In video, the piece of a video signal containing the spatial detail of one complete image; the entire set of scan lines In an interlaced system, a frame contains two fields In audio, a frame is one or more samples frame doubler A video processor that increases the frame rate (display rate) in order to create a smoother-looking video display Compare to line doubler frame rate The frequency of discrete images Usually measured in frames per second (fps) Film has a rate of 24 frames per second, but usually must be adjusted to match the display rate of a video system frequency The number of repetitions of a phenomenon in a given amount of time The number of complete cycles of a periodic process occurring per unit time FRExt Fidelity range extensions Optional encoding features of AVC (H264), including an 8 8 transform and quantization matrix, that increase video quality and improve coding efficiency FTP File transfer protocol One of the several Internet protocols used to connect devices over the Internet using TCP/IP so that files can be transferred between them full-motion video Video that plays at a rate of at least 24 frames per second fullscreen A video image that fills a standard 4:3 TV shape Contrast with widescreen and letterbox FVD Forward versatile disc A high-definition, red-laser optical disc format developed in Taiwan Uses tighter track pitch than standard DVD to achieve slightly higher disc capacities Uses Microsoft Windows Media Video and Windows Media Audio encoding G byte One billion (109) bytes Not to be confused with GB or gigabyte (230 bytes) G or giga- An SI prefix for denominations of 1 billion (109) Note the uppercase G GB See gigabyte Gbps Gigabits/second Billions (109) of bits per second GEM Globally executable MHP A core set of MHP APIs (with transmission-related elements removed to create a transport-neutral system) for Java applications on various platforms BD-J is based on GEM 102 which is standardized as ETSI TS 102 819 V131 (2005-10) General Purpose Register (GPR) Temporary storage area in a BD player used to keep track of user actions and application status (Similar to GPRMs in DVD-Video) BD players have 4096 GPRs, each holding a 32-bits (4-byte) unsigned integer gigabyte 1,073,741,824 (230) bytes The progression of byte measurement is byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, and so on GOF Group of audio frames The data area of 1/30 second that is composed of 20 audio frames of linear PCM audio
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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GOP Group of pictures A sequence of frames in an MPEG video stream, usually 15 frames for NTSC DVDs or 12 frames for PAL DVDs, beginning with one or more I pictures followed by I, P, and B pictures A GOP is the atomic unit of MPEG video access There are two types of GOPs, closed and open A closed GOP keeps all references (from I and P frames) within the GOP This simplifies jumping into the middle of a video stream, since the decoder doesn t have to reference a frames from the previous GOP In an open GOP, I or P frames near the beginning or the end of a GOP may refer to frames in the adjacent GOP Open-GOP encoding can be slightly more efficient than closed-GOP encoding gray market Dealers and distributors who sell equipment without proper authorization from the manufacturer grayscale recording See multilevel recording Green Book The document developed in 1987 by Philips and Sony as an extension to CD-ROM XA for the CD-i system GUID Globally unique identifier A number intended to be unique across space and time Used in various applications to uniquely identify information guide melody The melody for the vocal part recorded to assist singers in Karaoke guide vocal A leading guide function for singing a song, and the vocal part of Karaoke songs in Karaoke equipped players Also called the assistant vocal H/DTV High-definition/digital television A combination of acronyms that refers to both HDTV and DTV systems Half D1 An MPEG-2 video encoding mode in which half the horizontal resolution is sampled (352 480 for NTSC, 352 576 for PAL) hard disk drive A storage system using internal fixed magnetic disks Almost all computers have at least one hard disk Many Profile 20 BD contain an internal hard disk or provide a USB port to connect an external hard disk for Local Storage HAVi A consumer electronics industry standard for interoperability between digital audio and video devices connected via a network in the consumer s home BD-J uses a device model similar to HAVi HD 1) High definition 2) High density HD DVD High-definition DVD or high-density DVD Developed initially by Toshiba and NEC, then standardized by the DVD Forum and introduced in 2006 Largely abandoned (except in China) in 2008 HD SDI High-definition serial digital interface, a connection standard for transmitting high-definition video with a data rate of 1485 Gbps HDCD High-definition Compatible Digital A proprietary method of enhancing audio on CDs HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection Technology developed by Intel to restrict copying of digital video and audio by encrypting the transmission over digital interconnect formats such as DVI and HDMI HDCP is designed for point-to-point connections, as compared to DTCP, which is designed for networks and distributed busses HDD See hard disk drive HDi Microsoft s trademark name for its specific implemention of the HD DVD advanced interactivity specification, originally called iHD HDMI A digital video and audio connection standard based on DVI but using a smaller connector and adding support for multichannel digital audio, improved color depth, and device control HDMV The high-definition movie mode of BD A simplified system, similar to DVD-Video, for displaying menus with animated buttons and sounds, pop-up menus, video (including multiple angles and seamless branching), audio, subtitles, slideshows, and more HDREC An extension of the HD DVD format for use on standard red-laser DVDs Comparable to AVCREC for BD HDTV High-definition television A video format with a resolution approximately twice that of con-
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