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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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parental control Controlling playback by comparing the upper limit of permissible parental level playback preset by the user in the player with the parental level setting on a disc In BD this is done by commands on the disc In DVD this is usually done by the player (but can also be done by commands on the disc) parental level A permissible level of content depending on the age of viewers and the nature of the content of a title patchiness A term referring to the occasional patchy appearance of compressed video PC Personal computer A microcomputer designed for personal use Originally referred to an IBM PC, often refers to any machine that runs the Microsoft Windows operating system PCM An uncompressed, digitally coded representation of an analog signal The waveform is sampled at regular intervals and a series of pulses in coded form (usually quantized) are generated to represent the amplitude PCM usually refers to linear PCM (LPCM) PC-TV The merger of television and computers A personal computer capable of displaying video as a television pel See pixel perceived resolution The apparent resolution of a display from the observer s point of view, based on viewing distance, viewing conditions, and physical resolution of the display perceptual coding Lossy compression techniques based on the study of human perception Perceptual coding systems identify and remove information that is least likely to be missed by the average human observer Persistent Storage The small part of BD player Local Storage used for keeping settings such as high scores, bookmarks, and Easter egg status Used only by BD-J Called Application Data Area in technical documents PES See packetized elementary stream petabyte 1,125,899,906,842,624 (250) bytes Sometimes 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1015) bytes The progression of byte measurement is byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, and so on PG textST Presentation Graphics Text Subtitles Subtitles in text form to be rendered into the Presentation Graphics plane phase-change A technology for rewritable optical discs using a physical effect in which a laser beam heats a recording material to reversibly change an area from an amorphous state to a crystalline state, or vice versa Continuous heat just above the melting point creates the crystalline state (an erasure), while high heat followed by rapid cooling creates the amorphous state (a mark) (Other recording technologies include dye-sublimation and magneto-optical) Photo CD Kodak s variation of compact disc format for storing 24-bit 4:2:0 YCC images hierarchically at resolutions of up to 3072 2048 pixels Thumbnail image representation is also part of the Photo CD specification Built upon CD-ROM XA physical format The low-level characteristics of the BD and DVD standards, including pits on the disc, location of data, and organization of data according to physical position Usually called part 1 in format specifications physical sector number Serial number assigned to physical sectors on a DVD disc Serial incremented numbers are assigned to sectors from the head sector in the Data Area as 30000h from the start of the Lead In Area to the end of the Lead Out Area PICT A standard graphic format for Macintosh computers picture In video terms, a single still image or a sequence of moving images Picture generally refers to a frame, but for interlaced frames may refer instead to a field of the frame In a more general sense, picture refers to the entire image shown on a video display
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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picture in picture (PIP) Inserting a second video image into a larger video image For BD this specifically refers to presenting the Secondary Video within the Primary Video PiP PG textST Presentation Graphics Text Subtitles to be rendered into the PIP (secondary video) pit A microscopic depression in the recording layer of a disc Pits are usually 1/4 of the laser wavelength so as to cause cancellation of the beam by diffraction pit art A pattern of pits to be stamped onto a disc to provide visual art rather than data A cheaper alternative to a printed label pit length Arc length of a pit along the direction of the track pixel The smallest picture element of an image (one sample of each color component) A single dot of the array of dots that makes up a picture Sometimes abbreviated to pel The resolution of a digital display is typically specified in terms of pixels (width by height) and color depth (the number of bits required to represent each pixel) pixel aspect ratio The ratio of width to height of a single pixel Often means sample pitch aspect ratio (when referring to sampled digital video) Pixel aspect ratio for a given raster can be calculated as y/x multiplied by w/h (where x and y are the raster horizontal pixel count and vertical pixel count, and w and h are the display aspect ratio width and height) Pixel aspect ratios are also confusingly calculated as x/y multiplied by w/h, giving a height-to-width ratio pixel depth See color depth platform A hardware or software environment in which applications can operate Examples of a platform are Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X, the Sony PlayStation 3, Blu-ray players, Java, etcetera Playback Control Engine (PCE) A core part of BD player software that provides PlayList playback and register access Used by both HDMV and BD-J modules Player Status Register (PSR) A defined value (32-bit unsigned integer) in a BD player that represent a player state or user setting, such as current playing title, parental level, or preferred audio language (Similar to SPRMs in DVD-Video) BD players have 128 PSRs: 38 are defined, 8 are for saving state when jumping to a menu or other title, 16 are used for content protection, and 66 are undefined PlayItem An entry in a PlayList that points to a single Clip or, for multi-angle playback, to multiple Clips PlayList The basic playback unit for HDMV and BD-J A PlayList is a sequential list of PlayItems, which are references to Clips (MPEG-2 transport stream segments) that will play back seamlessly A Blu-ray disc may contain up to 2000 PlayLists Each PlayList has a main path that defines the primary playback sequence and optional SubPaths that define alternative playback sequences PLUGE Picture line-up generation equipment A test pattern containing below-black (0 IRE), black (75 IRE) and near-black signals to assist in setting black level on a video monitor PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate A clear acrylic compound used in laserdiscs and as an intermediary in the surface transfer process (STP) for manufacturing dual-layer BDs and DVDs PMMA is also sometimes used for disc substrates PMSN Prerecorded media serial number A unique identifier, usually recorded in the BDA, used by AACS for managed copy PNG Portable network graphic A compressed image file used for Blu-ray and other environments such as the World Wide Web This format was not used in DVD POP Picture outside picture A feature of some widescreen displays that uses the unused area around a 4:3 picture to show additional pictures Popup Menu A menu in HDMV that can be activated by the user appear on top of the video program as it plays premastering The process of preparing data in the final format to create a disc image for mastering Includes creating control and navigation data, multiplexing data streams together, generating error-
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