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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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correction codes, and performing channel modulation Sometimes used in a more general sense to include the encoding and authoring process prepared video Content very similar to what would be pre-recorded onto a manufactured disc, but designed for electronic distribution and subsequent recording onto recordable media Used by AACS for applications such as electronic sell-through (EST) and manufacturing on demand (MOD) Presentation Graphics One of the two BD graphic place The Presentation Graphics data stream ise used in both HDMV and BD-J more for subtitles and animated graphics The primary video plane and the Presentation Graphics plane are combined by BD-J into the HAVi HVideoDevice Compare to Interactive Graphics Primary Audio The audio stream associated with the BD Primary Video stream Comes from the disc or from Local Storage Primary Video The video stream for the main program in BD playback, displayed full-screen PRML Partial response maximum likelihood A method for converting the analog signal from the pickup head of a BD drive into a digital signal BD uses a Viterbi decoder for PRML professional mode Mode used when an AC-3 encoded bitstream is output to a single channel of an AES/EBU two channel system profile 1) In MPEG-2, profiles specify syntax and processes such as picture types, scalability, and extensions Compare to level 2) In BD, profiles define minimum sets of player features 3) In GEM, profiles define sets of features (and targets refer to deployment scenarios) Profile 1 The original standard BD player class Also known as Initial Standard Profile Only allowed for players manufactured before November 1, 2007 Profile 11 The standard BD player class Also known as Final Standard Profile or Bonus View Adds features such as PIP to Profile 1 Profile 2 The enhanced BD player class Also known as BD Live Adds features such as a network connection and streaming video (Progressive PlayList) to Profile 11 Profile 3 The audio-only BD player class Although it comes after Profile 2, Profile 3 is a subset of Profile 1, designed for BD audio playback in environments without a video screen, such as a car or small, portable player Profile 4 Real-time recording and editing format (RREF) for BD-RE v3 Progressive PlayList A simple Internet streaming mechanism that uses a PlayList of small clips that are downloaded to the Binding Unit Data Area during playback and accessed through the Virtual File System progressive scan A video scanning system that displays all lines of a frame in one pass Contrast with interlaced scan prohibit RMTR Prohibit repeated minimum transition run length A data modulation technique that limits the number of consecutive minimum run lengths (2T) to six, which avoids low signal levels and improves readout performance psychoacoustic See perceptual encoding PTP See Parallel Track Path PTS MPEG presentation time stamp A time reference that tells the decoder when to present a video frame for display (or an audio block) PTS and DTS values reside in the packet header PUH Pickup head The assembly of optics and electronics that reads data from a disc PVAS AACS Prepared Video Authorization Server QCIF Quarter common intermediate format Video resolution of 176 144 quantization levels The predetermined levels at which an analog signal can be sampled as determined by the resolution of the analog-to-digital converter (in bits per sample); or the number of bits stored for the sampled signal
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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quantize To convert a value or range of values into a smaller value or smaller range by integer division Quantized values are converted back (by multiplying) to a value that is close to the original but may not be exactly the same Quantization is a primary technique of lossless encoding QuickTime A digital video software standard developed by Apple Computer for Macintosh (Mac OS) and Windows operating systems QuickTime is used to support audio and video from a DVD QXGA A video graphics resolution of 2048 1536 RAM (random-access memory) Generally refers to solid-state chips that store data only when power is present In the case of DVD-RAM, the term was borrowed to indicate ability to read and write at any point on the disc random access The ability to jump to a point on a storage medium random presentation A function of a player enabling programs in a title to play in any order determined by chance raster The pattern of parallel horizontal scan lines that makes up a video picture raw Usually refers to uncompressed or unprocessed data Red Book The document first published in 1982 that specifies the original compact disc digital audio format developed by Philips and Sony Reed-Solomon An error-correction encoding system that cycles data multiple times through a mathematical transformation in order to increase the effectiveness of the error correction, especially for burst errors (errors concentrated closely together, as from a scratch or physical defect) DVD and BD use rows and columns of Reed-Solomon encoding in a two-dimensional lattice, called Reed-Solomon product code (RS-PC) reference picture or reference frame An encoded frame that is used as a reference point from which to build dependent frames In MPEG-2, I pictures and P pictures are used as references reference player A player that defines the ideal behavior as defined by the format specification region code A code identifying one of the world regions for restricting BD or DVD-Video playback region playback control (RPC) A mandatory feature of BD and DVD-Video to restrict the playback of a disc to a specific geographical region BD players, DVD players, and DVD-ROM drives are each set to a single region code, and each disc (or disc side for dual-sided DVDs) can specify in which regions it is allowed to be played Region coding is optional - a disc without region codes will play in all players in all regions (although for DVD the player would need to convert between 525/60 and 625/50) render farm A dedicated set of processing units (computers) and data storage (hard drives) with a software manager dedicated to processing video A render farm may be used for encoding video The processors and storage can be thought of as the farm, the software manager is the farmer, and the video encode is the crop replication 1) The reproduction of media such as optical discs by stamping (contrast this with duplication); 2) A process used to increase the size of an image by repeating pixels (to increase the horizontal size) and/or lines (to increase the vertical size) or to increase the display rate of a video stream by repeating frames For example, a 360 240 pixel image can be displayed at 720 480 size by duplicating each pixel on each line and then duplicating each line In this case, the resulting image contains blocks of four identical pixels Obviously, image replication can cause blockiness A 24-fps video signal can be displayed at 72 fps by repeating each frame three times Frame replication can cause jerkiness of motion Contrast this with decimation See interpolate resampling The process of converting between different spatial resolutions or different temporal resolutions This can be based on a sample of the source information at a higher or lower resolution or it can include interpolation to correct for the differences in pixel aspect ratios or to adjust for differences in display rates resolution 1) A measurement of the relative detail of a digital display, typically given in pixels of width
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