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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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j Face recognition search for when you know you have seen that actor before but
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you can't remember where j Cross promotion, affiliate marketing, and contextual selling (buying something from a popup e-commerce window on the player)5 j "Movie mail" between players, including personalized postcards and favorite scene lists j Automatic "what I'm watching now" notifications on micro-blog sites, such as, Twitter j Using a mobile phone or PDA as a "super remote" to control the Blu-ray player j Uploading desktop pictures, "skins," songs, ringtones, games, and more from the disc in the player to computers, mobile phones, music players, and other devices j Two-screen viewing synchronizing related content (screenplays, trivia, historical notes, lyrics, and the like) to laptops or WiFi-enabled mobile phones j and the list goes on and on and on Some of these ideas will plop into the cyberpond and deservedly sink to the bottom without a ripple, but others could generate huge waves of interest and cultivate new genres of media interaction and social networking A lot of people thought YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and the like, were faddish notions that would quickly fade, but look what has happened
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Persistent Storage and Local Storage
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Unlike DVD players, which are required to perform self-administered amnesia when the disc is taken out, Blu-ray players have persistent storage, memory space set aside for each disc to store a small amount of information such as game high scores, last viewed position, and viewer preferences Players also have local storage (which technically includes persistent storage) for holding content downloaded via the network connection or transferred from disc for later playback Local storage may be a small, fixed amount built into the player, or it may be expandable to many megabytes or gigabytes with an internal hard drive, external memory card, or external hard disk drive
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Authorized Copying and Authorized Recording
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As touched on elsewhere in this book, Blu-ray technology emerged in the middle of the slow transition from physical to virtual delivery of content Around the time Blu-ray was introduced, various approaches were being attempted to allow consumers to legally copy
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5One brainstorm that has been around since the first days of WebDVD is the notion that you'd say, "Look at that shirt she's wearing, I want one just like it," and buy it on the spot It's never been pulled off, and probably never will be, but, on the other hand, there's huge potential (good or bad, depending on your viewpoint) in promoting a sequel to viewers who just finished watching the first movie, offering the soundtrack CD or downloadable music files from a film or concert, advertising action figures while the credits roll, and so on Consider the art of Amazoncom's "We have suggestions for you " and how it can be applied after viewers have been deeply engaged with a video
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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their DVDs to recordable discs, hard disks, portable devices, and the like, and conversely to legally download and burn commercial content to recordable DVDs using CSS and other protection systems Lessons learned from these initiatives made their way into the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) so that similar features could be available for Blu-ray There are essentially two paths through the convergence zone between physical and digital yin and yang bridges, if you will One is from physical to virtual, where a disc or other physical medium is copied or translated into digital form for transmission to other devices This is managed copying or authorized copying The bridge in the other direction goes from virtual to physical, where digitally distributed content is put onto physical media, such as, a disc or a memory card This is called managed recording, managed burning, or authorized recording
Authorized Copying
As digital technology has increased the demand for content to play on more than one device, some content owners have espoused the concept of "buy once, play anywhere" For this to work there must be a way to represent a customer's purchased access rights to a particular set of content This can be done with an online "digital locker" or with a physical token such as a disc or printed serial number6 Based on the representation of ownership, an authorized copy can be made into an approved content protection or digital rights management (DRM) technology with permission from the content provider, who has full control to set the price, number of copies, allowed formats, viewing period, and so on There are essentially four models for copying content based on physical media The first two models are supported by the managed copy feature of AACS, which is sometimes called mandatory managed copy, since at least one copy of almost every disc must be permitted Duplication An equivalent copy is made from the original disc to a similar recordable disc For example, a BD-ROM movie disc is copied to a BD-R disc Conversion A copy is made from the original disc and adapted in one or more ways to fit the destination new physical medium, new video or audio encoding, new application format, new picture size (resolution), or new content protection system For example, a Blu-ray Disc is converted to Microsoft Windows Media format (video and audio are transcoded, menus and interactivity are discarded), at a lower resolution for display on portable media players, and stored on a flash memory card with Windows Media DRM file encryption Digital Copy The original disc contains an alternative version of the content or a subset of the content in different form, intended to be copied from the disc This is also called second session or digital file For example, a Blu-ray Disc includes a low-resolution version of the video encoded in H264 format and protected with Apple FairPlay DRM so that it can be copied using iTunes software and played on a compatible device such as a Mac, iPod, or iPhone E-copy The original disc is used as the token of ownership to authorize the
6It is possible to combine multiple access rights representation mechanisms, such as, by registering a purchased Blu-ray movie in an online system that also allows purchasing of music downloads, streaming videos, and mobile phone ringtones The system or other allied services if it acts as a clearinghouse can then grant various access rights to each owned content item
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