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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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and full-transparency graphic on top of the video background As mentioned earlier, each palette segment can contain 256 entries defining color and transparency combinations to be mapped against the 8-bit indexed source image As one might imagine, some basic graphics effects are possible by manipulating the color and transparency values in the palette In addition to that, Blu-ray supports other graphics effects such as scrolls, wipes, cuts, and fades Even though all of these effects may be useful for advanced subtitle presentations, such as, karaoke streams, they could also be used for other graphical displays over video, such as, storyboards that are timed to the video Bottomline, any graphical elements that can be displayed with sufficient quality using only 8bit graphics can take advantage of the Presentation Graphics system model
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Text-based Subtitles
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Rather than using pre-rendered graphics subtitles, text-based subtitles provide a more dynamic way for displaying subtitle data Text and associated style information are stored and used to render subtitles to the screen As the text-based subtitles are implemented as out-ofmux streams, they do not take away any bitrate capacity from the AV streams This implementation allows text-based subtitle streams to be present on a disc without impacting the audio or video quality It also provides a perfect solution for downloadable subtitles as the files are very small and they are easy to imbed as an out of-mux stream While it is the content authors choice whether to use text-based or graphics-based subtitles, it should be considered that only one stream can be displayed at any given point in time It is not possible to display both graphics and text-based subtitles simultaneously Each text subtitle segment can contain up to two text regions, and each region, besides having different text content, can be presented with a different style However, both regions are tied to the same timing, which is frame-accurately synchronized to the AV presentation The text region defines a size and position within the graphics plane and can have a unique background color Within the text region, a text box defines the size and position of the text to be displayed This framework provides flexibility for a user to define how much border will be shown outside the text Each text box also has attributes that can be defined, such as, text flow, alignment, and line spacing And, obviously, the various attributes such as font type, style, size and color can be set for each region, as well In addition to defining the text attributes for a given text box, they can also be set individually for each character as in-line styles So having listed all the flexibility and bandwidth advantages of text-based subtitles, what are the trade-offs Well, there are two disadvantages First, it should be recognized that each player has a different font renderer and although the content author is able to define the fonts, they may look different on each player But, besides this artistic challenge, there is a more fundamental issue called font licensing Which font will be used should be considered very carefully Although some fonts are available for free, most of them are not And, in order to include them on a Blu-ray Disc, each font needs to be licensed, which adds some administrative and financial obstacles, especially when considering international releases One way around font licenses is to design a unique font Although this may seem a little bit over the top, it is actually not too difficult to implement, could add something unique to the disc and certainly avoids getting surprised by font royalty payments
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Parental Management
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One of the requirements from the Hollywood studios is to have a mechanism in place to control the levels of parental control for their movies The idea is to allow a user to set a certain parental level on a player and prevent the playback of movies above that level For example, when there are under-aged children at home, the Blu-ray player can be set to only allow playing movies appropriate to their age, unless the parent enters a specific password to unlock the playback of more mature content when the parents are watching themselves With Blu-ray, PSR 13 (Player Status Register 13) provides this kind of parental management The user defines the parental level for a given player in the player settings menu, which sets the corresponding value in the register Whenever content is played back, commands on the disc can check for the value of this PSR In case the value is too low to allow playback, a warning card with an explanatory message can be displayed on-screen In case the value is high enough to permit playback, the disc presentation would continue without problem PSR13 can contain an integer value from 0 to 255 and represents the youngest age for which the content is permitted The value 0 is the most restricted content and value 255 signals that the parental control is switched off As an example, Table 616 outlines how this PSR could be mapped against the MPAA rating system used in North America Table 616 Correlation of PSR 13 Settings to MPAA Ratings
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