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AutoSecure is a new IOS feature on newer model routers, such as the 870s and 1800s, that allows you to put a basic security configuration on your router It was introduced in IOS 123 and 123T It is a Privilege EXEC script similar to the System Configuration Dialog: where the latter creates a basic configuration for a router, AutoSecure focuses only on security functions for securing a router Like the setup script, AutoSecure asks you basic questions about securing your router It will automatically enable or disable specific services running on your router; set up a stateful firewall by configuring Context-Based Access Control (CBAC), which requires a security IOS image; configure access control lists (ACLs are discussed in 22); and perform other tasks
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To run the AutoSecure script, from Privilege EXEC mode execute the auto secure command:
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Router# auto secure [management | forwarding] [no-interact]
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You can run AutoSecure in two modes:
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You are prompted for security information during the scripting
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The IOS performs all security functions based on a set of defaults from Cisco
AutoSecure basically secures the router at two levels:
Management plane (traffic destined to the router) Forwarding plane (traffic going through the router)
With no extra parameters with the auto secure command, the router will secure both the management and forwarding planes while asking you questions about the security process Here is an example of running the AutoSecure script:
Router# auto secure --- AutoSecure Configuration --*** AutoSecure configuration enhances the security of the router, but it will not make it absolutely resistant to all security attacks *** AutoSecure will modify the configuration of your device All configuration changes will be shown For a detailed explanation of how the configuration changes enhance security and any possible side effects, please refer to Ciscocom for Autosecure documentation At any prompt you may enter ' ' for help Use ctrl-c to abort this session at any prompt Gathering information about the router for AutoSecure Is this router connected to internet [no]: yes Enter the number of interfaces facing the internet [1]: 1 Interface FastEthernet0/0 IP-Address 10062 OK Method Status YES NVRAM up Protocol up
16: Initial Router Con guration
FastEthernet0/1 1723062 YES NVRAM up up Enter the interface name that is facing the internet: FastEthernet0/1 Securing Management plane services Disabling service finger Disabling service pad Disabling udp & tcp small servers Enabling service password encryption Enabling service tcp-keepalives-in Enabling service tcp-keepalives-out Disabling the cdp protocol Here is a sample Security Banner to be shown at every access to device Modify it to suit your enterprise requirements Authorized Access only This system is the property of So-&-So-Enterprise UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO THIS DEVICE IS PROHIBITED Enter the security banner {Put the banner between k and k, where k is any character}: $ Keep OutThis means you! $ Enable secret is either not configured or is the same as enable password Enter the new enable secret: cisco1234 Confirm the enable secret : cisco1234 Enter the new enable password: cisco5678 Confirm the enable password: cisco5678 Configuration of local user database Enter the username: richard Enter the password: mypassword123 Confirm the password: mypassword123 Configuring AAA local authentication Configuring Console, Aux and VTY lines for local authentication, exec-timeout, and transport Securing device against Login Attacks
Configure the following parameters Blocking Period when Login Attack detected: 3 Maximum Login failures with the device: 3 Maximum time period for crossing the failed login attempts: 30 Configure SSH server [yes]: yes Enter the domain-name: richarddealcom Configuring interface specific AutoSecure services Disabling the following ip services on all interfaces: no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp no ip unreachables no ip directed-broadcast no ip mask-reply Disabling mop on Ethernet interfaces Securing Forwarding plane services Enabling CEF (This might impact the memory requirements for your platform) Enabling unicast rpf on all interfaces connected to internet Configure CBAC Firewall feature [yes/no]: yes This is the configuration generated: no service finger no service pad no service udp-small-servers no service tcp-small-servers service password-encryption service tcp-keepalives-in service tcp-keepalives-out no cdp run banner motd ^C Keep OutThis means you! ^C enable secret 5 $1$yc/V$99CEHvCR7KoZ/ZznqByyx0 enable password 7 045802150C2E1D1C5A username richard password 7 083145560E0C1702
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