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Generating DataMatrix in Software Increasing Storage Requirements

Increasing Storage Requirements
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ity could be increased through the use of multiple layers Future DVDs may incorporate this technology
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Particle Beams for Data Reading
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Some manufacturers are looking beyond the laser beam to other recording methods, such as the use of the electronic particle beams One company, Norsam, has been experimenting with the use of particle beams to write to a metallic media, achieving capacities of up to 200GB for a single 120-millimeter optical disc This write-once technology, slated for arrival in the year 2003, is currently being envisioned as being incorporated in a tower system containing ten or more HD-ROM drives, offering a capacity of somewhere around 60 Terabytes
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Fluorescent Multi-layer Discs
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Another promising approach to data storage comes from Israel, where a company called C-3D has devised a recording technique they call Fluorescent Multi-layer (FM) Instead of relying on a re ective surface for data detection, as do CD and DVD, an FM disc emits light The uorescent media can be stacked in layers, each layer capable of handling 14GB The initial goal is to produce discs with a minimum of 10 layers, representing the equivalent to 14 Terabytes of storage on a 120-millimeter optical disc The rst planned products include an FM-ROM drive, an FMWORM drive, and FM PC-card drives, scheduled for introduction in early 2001
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Optical Super Density Format
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Even tried and true technologies, such as magneto-optical are being given new life through advanced techniques The Optical Super Density format (OSD), devised by Maxoptix, aims to deliver 40GB capacity on disk cartridges that can be read and recorded on both sides Data transfer rates for this format are in the 30MB per second range, clearly a promising level of performance for many different kinds of business applications where hard disks can be replaced or supplemented by removable magneto-optical media Between now and the time you read this book, several other promising technologies will, no doubt, have entered the consciousness of the optical recording world Networks will continue to grow in size and scope, and optical recording technologies will continue to increase in capacity to support them
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Using DVD with Video in a Corporate Environment
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This chapter addresses the question what do you actually do with DVD in the real world and focuses on video applications in the corporate environment The chapter is not intended to be a complete manual for production and use of video (that would take an entire book in itself), but instead we present an overview of the topics you must consider if you want to use video and DVD in the corporate environment These topics are the pieces of the front-end processes that support the use of corporate DVD
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Applications for Corporate Video
Why would a corporation want to use DVD There are two primary uses for DVD in the corporate environment: As a storage medium As a vehicle for using video
As a storage medium, DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM is just like CD-ROM or Zip disks It stores les, without regard to what those les contain Some of these les may be video clips, displayed using a player like QuickTime's MoviePlayer; some of the les may be Macromedia Director interactive modules which play video clips This functionality is identical to that of CD-ROM, but CD-ROM technology is limited for video use by the maximum storage size of 650MB per disc The rst-generation DVDs have a minimum storage capability of 27GB, more than 4 times that of a
CD-ROM Second-generation DVD disks have 47GB per disc, and labs have already demonstrated prototypes with capacities of 17GB per disc As a vehicle for using video, DVD-Video is a proprietary disc structure which can play back video stored in this format The disc structure contains what is essentially its own navigational system of menus and chapters We'll look at this structure in more detail later Video is effective for communicating, but expensive Bringing the capability to create and maintain video applications in-house makes sense, as desktop video production can easily produce broadcast quality results with today's hardware and software Of course, each company's situation is different, and video production will range from total production done under contract through a mix of in-house and contract production to complete in-house production You choose which approach is the best combination for your milieu What can you do with video in relation to DVD Nothing new It's just the next-generation mode of distribution and use The speci c advantages gained will be pointed out as we discuss the various aspects The previous uses of video in corporations include: In support of speaker presentations In multimedia training or communications modules On intranet or Internet, as part of communication and information systems In video brochures to distribute company or product information As broadcast-quality clips for use in television and news programs In trade show kiosks and point-of-sale displays In video libraries for all the uses above
These uses are still applicable, so let's see how you can migrate to the use of new DVD hardware To do so, we'll begin at the end
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