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A tour of WPF in Visual Studio 2008
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displayed help text for the selected property or event, but all you get with WPF is a tooltip that tells you the type of the property. One thing that s missing deliberately from the Properties grid is the combo box that Windows Forms had listing all the controls on the form. Although the ability to select a control without having to click it was handy, the implementation wasn t great. The combo box usually wasn t wide enough, and it was easy to pick the wrong control. In WPF, which uses composition to build up complex layouts, it would ve been inadequate. At the same time, being able to find the proper control whose property you want to edit is important so important that there are at least four different ways to do it!
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Selection controls in Visual Studio When you want to get to the properties of a particular control, one simple way is to click the element within the XAML. This both selects the control in the Design view and sets that control as current in the property editor. If you don t want to search through the XAML but have a number of overlapping elements, you can right-click an element in the visual designer, and choose Select. This gives you access to all the controls currently under your cursor (figure 2.16). Figure 2.16 The Context menu s Select Another way of selecting is also pretty option lets you choose any of the controls cool. At the bottom of the XAML designer is under your current location. a Path control that shows the currently selected element and lets you move to the element s ancestors (figure 2.17). This control is easy to miss, but it s a gem. First, each ancestor is a hyperlink that takes Figure 2.17 Path control shows the currently you to that element. Second, you get a little selected element and all the element s preview of the control so that you can easily ancestors. see which control you re floating over, and finally, the left/right buttons on the left let you move through a history of your selections. The final selection tool is equally cool: the Document Outline. The Document Outline The Document Outline is a tree view of all the elements on the window (figure 2.18). We have to admit we love the Document Outline. Particularly when you get into layout, being able to see what s owned by whom is invaluable, and it s a great way of selecting controls that might not be easily accessible. When you click an item in the Document Outline, you get a preview (again, easier to make sure you have the right
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Getting started with WPF and Visual Studio 2008
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Figure 2.18 The Document Outline. A preview of the currently selected item is automatically generated.
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thing selected). Also, what you select in the Outline is automatically selected in the designer and in XAML, and once selected, the context menu on the designer lets you jump to the XAML or to the properties for the element. The one downside is that the Document Outline is read-only. We d love to be able to drag controls from the Toolbox onto the Outline and to rearrange controls right there using drag-and-drop. The VS developers agree with us, so we hope to see that functionality in the near future. These are the major WPF features in Visual Studio 2008 SP1, although there are a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to add support. The nice thing is that, when you re writing WPF applications, you re still writing .NET code; all the existing framework and tools are there, along with the other new features of .NET 3.x like LINQ and WCF.
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This chapter gives the most basic taste of WPF and Visual Studio 2008 and shows the pieces that make up a simple WPF application. XAML provides the definition of the lookand-feel and the details of the application, and then code provides the behavior although the behavior of the accursed Hello, World! application isn t exactly impressive. Visual Studio 2008 is one of the most important tools you ll use when building WPF applications, but it isn t the only one. There are a number of tools and technologies that are related to WPF that you should at least be aware of, and we will cover these in the next chapter. Don t worry, though we will start getting into some more significant, useful (and pretty) applications in the near future.
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