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Bungee Labs offers its Bungee Connect web application development and hosting platform Developers use Bungee Connect to build desktop-like web applications that leverage multiple web services and databases, and then deploy them on Bungee s multitenant grid infrastructure Bungee Connect provides development, testing, deployment, and hosting in a single, on-demand platform The company claims that using their solution, significant time and cost are eliminated across the entire application life cycle reducing time-to-market by as much as 80 percent Bungee Connect includes the following features: A single, on-demand environment for developing, testing, deploying, and hosting Interaction delivered entirely via browser with no download or plug-in for developers or end users Delivery of highly interactive user experience without compromising accessibility and security Automated integration of web services (SOAP/REST) and databases (MySQL/ PostgreSQL) Built-in team collaboration and testing
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Built-in scalability, reliability, and security Deep instrumentation of end-user application utilization for analytics Utility pricing model based on end-user application use Developers and IT managers can leverage a completely online platform to build and deliver powerful, AJAX-enabled, multiple data-source web applications Applications may be embedded within other web applications and pages, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, or delivered as stand-alone web destinations
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Cloud computing, internal-external mashups and online business services are hastening the need for new business models that can support entire application lifecycles, said Dana Gardner, principal analyst of Interarbor Solutions It s not enough to develop as a service, or to deploy as a service the fuller cost-benefit payback comes from the application lifecycle as a service All the better that costs to support the applications from inception to sunset are commensurate with use and demand Enterprise IT innovators and
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Part III:
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Cloud Computing at Work
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efficiency-minded independent developers alike should view the Bungee Connect model as the platform and mashup approach of the future Development, team collaboration, and test deployment hosting on Bungee Connect are free of charge Developers pay only when their applications are actually used by end users Once a Bungee-powered application is deployed on the Bungee Grid infrastructure, end-user utilization of the application is deeply instrumented to provide developers with detailed insight into application performance and usage patterns, and to compute the application s utility bill Depending on the usage profile of an application, businesses can expect to pay between US$2 to US$5 per user per month for a heavily used business productivity application, or fractions of a cent per e-commerce transaction All Bungee-powered applications are hosted for free during the Bungee Connect Public Beta For more information about Bungee Connect, visit http://wwwbungeeconnectcom
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As we have noted, there are many different places you can turn to develop your own applications We don t have the space to cover each and every development platform, so we ll walk you through the development steps with three different, popular platforms: the Google App Engine, Salesforcecom, and Microsoft Azure
Google App Engine
Google uses Python, so we ll use that script in this demonstration Again, this is not meant to be a comprehensive explanation of Python Indeed, entire books have been written about Python, but we re only going to use one Python command We aren t going to make anything particularly robust (or useful for that matter), but it ll demonstrate the basics so you get an idea of how apps are developed
To get started, you must first download the Google App Engine development kit, located at http://codegooglecom/appengine/downloadshtml The SDK is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux environments that also have Python 25 The SDK includes a web server application that simulates the App Engine environment It also includes a local version of datastore, Google Accounts, and the ability to get URLs and send email from your computer using the App Engine APIs
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