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Migrating to the Cloud
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Linux workloads onto a single physical server Hyper-V Server 2008 allows customers to leverage their existing patching, provisioning, management and support tools, processes and skills System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 enables customers to configure and deploy new virtual machines and centrally manage their virtualized infrastructure, whether running on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, or VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 System Center Virtual Machine Manager is part of the System Center suite of products, which provides centralized, enterprise-class management of physical and virtual resources across desktops and datacenters Microsoft Application Virtualization 45 gives desktop users a boost in fully harnessing the power of Windows Vista by streaming resource-heavy applications to the desktop This helps eliminate potential software conflicts driving desktop stability and performance, while simultaneously enabling IT managers to centrally control key applications and their use Application Virtualization 45 is included as part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2008 R2
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The preceding sections of this chapter discussed specific sizes of organizations But there are some general considerations for any organization that you should keep in mind when considering a move Let s talk about them in more detail
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Which Applications Do You Need
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Deciding what you should migrate to the cloud really comes down to figuring out what you want out of the cloud That is, are you looking to store data on someone else s servers If that s the case, it s simply a matter of deciding which data you want to send (and pay for) and what data doesn t need to be sent If you are using the cloud for SaaS or PaaS, you have to look at which applications are most appropriate for maintenance on the cloud It will obviously differ from organization to organization, but you likely won t move your key mission-critical tasks to the cloud For instance, a company that develops software for healthcare providers is going to have different needs than a financial advisor, for Different companies will need to send instance But even within the same different applications to the cloud industry, different organizations will get Even companies in the same industry different things out of the cloud will perform different work on the cloud
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Part III:
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Cloud Computing at Work
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But when you do decide to move to the cloud, make sure the applications you are going to use don t consume too many network resources This is something to figure out before you ve committed and started migrating data One regional bank decided to go forward with a Salesforcecom solution, but even after they successfully piloted the program, they had not planned for the bandwidth that it would need Not only did it affect the speed of their cloud use, but it also slowed down employees Internet access Also, if the application you want to use on the cloud demands high performance and low latency, make sure that the provider you ve elected to go with can deliver on your needs Companies like Amazon have built their content delivery network with data centers at points all around the world You won t have to try and access your servers in Los Angeles if you are in Washington, DC
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NOTE We re not pushing Amazon here Just be sure to ask your vendors what they re doing to
reduce latency
Sending Your Existing Data to the Cloud
There are all sorts of data that you can send to the cloud You can store specific files, you can run applications online you name it But let s take a look at Symantec s solution and what one of their customers gets out of sending their data to the Symantec cloud Symantec Online Backup is used to protect business records while reducing the time and money spent managing backups With Symantec s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online backup application, small and mid-sized businesses can ensure their data is protected against catastrophic loss while remaining easily recoverable Symantec Online Backup provides businesses with backup and recovery for PCs and servers over the Internet Businesses using Symantec Online Backup eliminate the need to purchase and manage on-site hardware and receive increased protection from theft and disasters Data is automatically stored off-site in multiple geographically distributed datacenters and can be restored to any location using a supported web browser The service is hosted in the cloud by Symantec, eliminating the need for businesses to devote resources to managing patches and upgrades The customer subscription includes 24/7 support, delivered by a team of SaaS specialists at no extra cost Cameron Consultation, based outside Boston, provides intensive therapeutic intervention to children with autism and other special needs Cameron recently lived the nightmare of discovering that 20 years worth of its intellectual property and client records were lost after two hard drives failed and the supposed automatic nightly backups had not been performed for more than a year The company spent six weeks and thousands of dollars to recover some but not all of its lost records, and has since turned to Symantec Online Backup to create dependable backups while reducing the time and cost spent doing so Knowing that Symantec is storing my data in more than one location makes me confident it will be there if I ever need it, said Susan Shea Cameron, clinical director and partner, Cameron Consultation The plan I m using is not much more expensive than buying an external hard drive that has only a 30-day warranty and backup software Symantec Online Backup gives me much more peace of mind The system sends me an email to confirm that a backup was successful, and when I get the alert I feel relieved that there is one less thing for me to worry about
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