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Quick Response Code Generator In None
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QR-Code Creation In VB.NET
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UPCA Printer In Visual Studio .NET
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Barcode Creation In None
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Several Cloud Computing Vendors
Part III:
Cloud Computing at Work
Name AT&T
URL wwwattcom
Description Entered the cloud business in August 2008 with the launch of its AT&T Synaptic Hosting service, which it describes as a next-generation utility computing service with managed networking, security and storage for businesses Provides on-demand software deployment services and remote database management Its Arcade cloud offering allows users to store unlimited files through a Salesforce interface Developers of internal cloud computing solutions, reasoning that issues like service level agreements and compliance are too difficult to manage No formal offerings (as of this writing), but with the acquisition of WebEx and PostPath, they seem headed to the cloud Citrix Cloud Center is a set of Citrix products intended to be part of a cloud solution Intended primarily for service providers but enterprise organizations already use components directly Offers the industry s first truly on-demand analytics platform Helps customers install, configure, and run Hadoop for large-scale data processing and analysis The company says, of its patent-pending technology, [It] automatically provides the parallelism and scalability required to handle anything from one-off personal analytics agents up to the most demanding live analytics applications required by the world s leading organizations in business, web, science and government Helps small and mid-market companies outsource computers, software, and data Users can log in and access everything via the cloud Provides what it calls Elastic Server OnDemand The platform allows users to assemble and deploy servers to the cloud in minutes The Process Factory is a simple solution for creating MashApps business processes from the cloud Simply mix and match standard business applications to create the customized app you need
wwwcitrixcom Select Products and then CloudCenter wwwcloud9analyticscom wwwclouderacom
Cloud 9 Analytics Cloudera
Several Cloud Computing Vendors (continued)
G l o s s a r y, Ve n d o r s , a n d R e s o u r c e s
Name Dataline
URL wwwdatalinecom
Description Provides large Federal System Integration (FSI) organizations (like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin) with cloud advice and expertise Bills itself as your home in the cloud Allows you to store documents and other information on the cloud and also offers opportunities to develop applications and share them with others Elastra offers to design, deploy and manage database and application infrastructure in the cloud in minutes all with the click of a button Helps manage client data on the cloud On-demand deployment and management of Ruby on Rails applications on Amazon EC2 Says they focus on solving the cost and complexity for enterprises that run large technical server infrastructures Promises to enable usage based monetization (instant SaaS metering) for SaaS and Cloud Computing vendors A flexible, scalable, automated hosting platform An online desktop complete with standard office applications Allows businesses and developers to predictably scale on-line systems under any peak demand, guarantee real-time performance under any data processing load and seamlessly leverage the economies of scale offered by virtual computing environments such as clouds and grids GoGrid offers customers the ability to grow production servers in real time to meet demand without affecting uptime Google is the hands-down leader in cloud computing, offering everything from online applications to a development platform for creating custom apps Provides monitoring and management applications for all types of web tools IBM is focused on helping organizations build secure and efficient infrastructures with cloud computing as part of the solution
Dell Desktoptwo
EMC Engine Yard Enomalism
wwwemccom wwwengineyardcom wwwenomalismcom
FlexiScale Ghost GigaSpaces
wwwflexiscalecom ghost wwwgigaspacescom
Hyperic IBM
wwwhypericcom wwwibmcom
Several Cloud Computing Vendors
Part III:
Cloud Computing at Work
Name Interoute Joyent Kaavo
URL wwwinteroutecom wwwjoyentcom wwwkaavocom
Description Europe s largest fibre optic network and largest privately owned cloud Serves billions of web pages each month and is an on-demand computing provider Kaavo s main product, Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand (IMOD), promises to make it easier for individuals and businesses to implement on-demand infrastructure and middleware and run secure and scalable web services and applications Has long been a SaaS provider and recently added cloud infrastructure to its offerings Offers virtual private datacenters, virtual machines, virtual containers, and virtual storage Offers Platform as a Service, which it describes as an on-demand platform for creating and delivering business applications to manage data, streamline collaborative processes and provide actionable analysis Qatar-based Meeza is currently the only cloud provider in the Middle East/North Africa region Offers companies more than 5TB of data with a scalable storage and delivery platform OpenNebula is an open source tool for virtual machines within datacenters It supports ondemand access to Amazon EC2 Delivers web operations tool for SaaS and web companies Provides virtualization and automation software to businesses and service providers Their technology is also used by large businesses to create their own, in-house clouds ParaScale says its solution enables the enterprise or service provider to build enormous storage pools on commodity hardware at an affordable cost Believes there is crossover between grid and cloud computing in that both clouds and grids mask the complexity of management tasks from the end user
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