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Local Peripherals
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Local peripherals can be automatically mapped from the desktop to the server, but not without a price The data stream used by the device must travel over the network from the server farm to the client device This can cause excessive bandwidth utilization unless measures are taken to control it We discuss methods for accomplishing this with Citrix policies in 17 NOTE: ICA COM and LPT port redirection allows a variety of local peripherals to be used, but many require tweaking because the ports do not work exactly as they would if they were local ports For example, we have found that excessive latency over a WAN connection can cause redirected devices to behave erratically, and in fact these devices can exacerbate the bandwidth problem and cause other network services to fail
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Other Client Devices
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Thus far, we have discussed PCs and thin clients as the most common devices used to access the Citrix server farm Since the ICA protocol has been ported to Windows CE, Linux, and even some cell phones, the server farm can be accessed from a variety of client devices We are seeing integration with devices ranging from tablet PCs in the medical field to proprietary devices running global positioning systems for transportation companies Although it is generally not practical to run a Windows desktop on the tiny 320 260 screens of some of these devices, it can be very useful to run a small, published application Imagine a warehouse in which each stockperson has a handheld Pocket PC device with wireless networking and a physical inventory application that feds directly into the corporate inventory database Perhaps your company has a large number of hourly employees who can use a thin client touch screen to punch in and out of a virtual time-clock application As an example of sales force automation, perhaps a field salesperson could use their handheld computer to wirelessly connect to the home office and check stock before filling an order, or check and approve special bulk pricing for an important customer Once an organization has committed to deploying an access platform, there are innumerable ways to extend the information infrastructure to remote employees, customers, and even the public
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Security, Monitoring, and Management
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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n the days of small workgroup LANs, it was relatively easy for a system administrator to keep tabs on the security and status of desktop PCs, servers, and the network simply by looking at the lights on the front of the equipment As these networks grew in complexity and scope, it became more than any person, or group of people, could do to manually manage the security and know the status of all parts of the network at all times This problem provided the challenge for the first network management system (NMS) The early NMS software was little more than a log reader, similar to the Event Log and Viewer in Windows Server 2003 Today, the Citrix monitoring and management package, Citrix EdgeSight as well as Citrix SmartAuditor, and Single Sign-On Powered by Password Manager are all included with the Platinum edition of XenApp, and are key reasons that many customers purchase the Platinum edition Although Citrix architecture provides a more centralized and architecturally simpler approach than distributed computing, because this centralization creates more focus on the data center and more potential single points of failure, it is critical to establish service-level agreements for services and security and to use centralized tools, such as Citrix EdgeSight and single sign-on, to manage them This chapter discusses general security concepts and general monitoring concepts and design, including monitoring and reporting for the Application Delivery Infrastructure
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The meaning of security as it relates to information systems is often diluted to include only security related to clients and servers This narrow view can be a fatal flaw in corporate information security One of the early definitions of security for computer networks came from the IBM Dictionary of Computing, published in 1994 by McGraw-Hill, Inc: Information Security The concepts, techniques, technical measures, and administrative measures used to protect information assets from deliberate or inadvertent unauthorized acquisition, damage, disclosure, manipulation, modification, loss, or use This chapter deals primarily with security concepts, components, and design elements In that light, many of the concepts and discussions are beyond the scope of what an Application Delivery Infrastructure systems administrator will directly control; however, that system administrator must be able to accurately represent security requirements to other staff members who are responsible for design and implementation Today s enterprises require that all staff are cognizant and vigilant with security, and the on-demand and in-control enterprise requirements dictate that security be a planned consideration and not an afterthought to any IT solution As in a chain, the security of the whole computer system is only as strong as the weakest link A global or systemic model is critical to the formulation of an effective approach to security in the enterprise It is not uncommon for large companies to decide, almost arbitrarily, that a particular area of their network is open to attack and invest tens of thousands of dollars to patch the fence without realizing that someone could walk right through the front gate In one case we worked with, a company invested $50,000 in an
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