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Security, Monitoring, and Management
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Internet firewall without setting up a system to enforce strong passwords With the firewall in place, no one could enter the system from the Internet that is, unless the intruder could guess that the system administrator s password was his daughter s first name Taking a global view of security for the enterprise can be intimidating, which may account for the woefully inadequate attention paid to the subject by many companies It is important to realize, however, that the effects of securing your infrastructure are cumulative Even a few simple changes to secure certain access points to the network can make a huge difference For example, installing an effective Internet firewall can be a strong deterrent to the casual hacker Before deciding to install such a system, however, you need to assess the overall security posture of the infrastructure Without such an assessment, you could be securing part of your network while leaving another part open to attack When getting started, it is useful to ask yourself what you are trying to protect
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What Are You Trying to Protect
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The generic answer, more often than not, is corporate data Corporate data must be protected from the following: Data access Access must be limited only to appropriate users without impacting authorized access to data or application performance when manipulating data Figure 6-1 shows the correlation between the level of security and its impact on a user s ability to work The three security paradigms Open, Restricted, and Closed are discussed later in this chapter The common criteria linked to data access are Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), which are described as follows: Authentication The ability to positively identify the authorized user, often via two or more factors (username and password, plus biometric, one-time security code tokens) Single Sign-On Powered by Password Manager provides a key solution that integrates with second factor authentication to ensure a positive identification with the least amount of user confusion
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User Impact Implementation Effort
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Level of Security Restriction
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Figure 6-1 Security model vs user impact
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Authorization The determination of which resources an authenticated user may access, and what rights or permissions they have for each resource This can be very broad as in file and directory permissions, or very granular as in record-level access controls within a structured database Citrix SmartAccess, provided through the Access Gateway, offers an industry-leading solution for authorization Accounting The ability to track what a user did or attempted to do This is particularly critical with regard to audit trails required in most regulated industries Citrix SmartAuditor (provided with Platinum Version 45, Update 1) is the newest solution addition to the suite and a unique solution for auditing
Data integrity Data must not be modified or altered except by authorized individuals or processes AAA rules determine which individuals have the right to perform these operations on the data, and can record what modifications were actually made Data integrity during transport becomes a serious problem when classic client/server applications are deployed over nonsecure (unencrypted) media A man-in-the-middle attack may compromise data integrity yet remain undetected In an SBC environment, transaction information remains within the local network, and screen updates and data input (mouse clicks and keystrokes) are contained within the RDP or ICA data stream The nature of an ICA session makes man-in-the-middle or session hijacking attacks extremely difficult to complete because attackers cannot easily synchronize with the video stream Network resources Both processing capability and network capacity must be protected to ensure business continuity Inappropriate or unauthorized use of processing power may deny service to legitimate applications or processes Improper control of data storage may allow unauthorized data to consume storage capacity Network bandwidth and access must be protected from intentional and inadvertent disruption Denial of service (DoS) events may be intentional (directed at corporate servers, firewalls, and so on) or unintentional (a side effect of unauthorized use of resources) As an example, when a customer used Citrix to deploy Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to a large remote customer, overall performance of Internet access and Citrix access slowed to a crawl The cause was isolated to saturation of the customer s Internet T1 by FTP downloads from an internal web server The server had been hacked, hidden directories created for bootleg copies of a non-English version of Windows 2000, and the download instructions circulated through a European chat room A single incident deprived the company of processing power (the hacked server), application services (Citrix access was unstable), storage capacity (drive space), and network access bandwidth Further, it created a potential for liability, because their FTP site hosted bootleg software, and possible expensive legal action
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