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Security, Monitoring, and Management
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particular concern because they often use dynamic ports and are one of the most active vectors for malicious logic ( bots )
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Virus Protection
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Enterprise virus protection is a must have in any computing environment A single uncontrolled outbreak can cost tens of thousand of dollars in PC disinfection costs alone Heavily infected networks must often be isolated from the Internet and taken out of service to allow IT staff to get ahead of rampant infections Although most enterprise antivirus solutions offer similar capabilities, the solutions effectiveness is determined more by implementation and maintenance ease than actual protection The system must be universally installed, employ a locked configuration to prevent software from being disabled, and support centralized real-time reporting and alerting Virus protection products must work seamlessly on all the enterprise computer systems Server Hardening Server hardening measures are specific to the server OS and applications In a XenApp environment, extensive modifications to the Registry, directory and file permissions, and Registry permissions were required to secure the server Server hardening in general can be risky although standard security lockdowns may work with terminal servers and well-behaved applications, most legacy applications do not fully comply with Microsoft s Terminal Services API and will experience problems To fully harden a Terminal Server (as in the DoD C2 Trusted Computer System Criteria), some changes are still required Microsoft and Citrix have online databases and security sites that detail changes in server configuration, from file and directory permissions, to password and authentication methods, to configuration of server-side protocol stacks Additional changes to baseline security configurations can be implemented with Microsoft s Security Configuration Editor For those who want government-type security restrictions, configuration guides and preconfigured *inf files for the Security Configuration Editor may be downloaded from the National Security Agency s (NSA) System and Network Attack Center (SNAC) at http://wwwnsagov/snac/ CAUTION: Never run automated lockdown tools such as the Security Configuration Editor on production servers Always test first Patching known vulnerabilities and exploits with hotfixes and service packs is really fundamental software maintenance, and yet is often overlooked Built-in features such as Windows Update are more robust in Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Supplemental tools such as the Baseline Security Analyzer, which includes a command-line hotfix checker (HFNetCheck), can help verify the state of the server Microsoft supplies a wide variety of built-in tools to help secure the terminal server In Windows 2003, policy-based enforcement (group policies) is expanded to include Terminal Services specific policies One interesting feature introduced in XenApp 45 is the ability to protect the terminal server from rogue applications (accidental or intentional) Administrators can define resource consumption limits for applications, and XenApp will police the application to prevent denial of service
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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User Environment Management
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Because the user environment and experience in an Application Delivery Infrastructure environment exist on the server, lockdown can be easier than in a distributed computing environment Conversely, there is a far greater need for such security measures In relatively simple (from a security standpoint) Windows networks, Windows group policies are an effective means of controlling the user environment In Windows Server 2003, the cumbersome Windows AppSec tool for locking down application availability has been replaced with built-in software restriction polices In a Citrix XenApp environment, many lockdown tasks are mitigated by Citrix s ability to publish applications and content directly, without the complexities and security problems associated with a full windows shell When possible, running only published applications obviates the need to lock down many settings associated with desktops and menus applications run in a seamless window with no exposure of the underlying windows shell (explorerexe) As the number of users, different policies, and nested policies grow, the viability of group policies diminishes rapidly Not only are complex nested policies hard to understand and decipher, excessive nesting can slow logon times substantially Even the Citrix published applications are not suitable for all environments Users may need, or legacy applications may demand, access to window shell components In the worst-case scenarios, applications may be dependent on desktop functionality, but incapable of running correctly when standard group polices are applied In complex situations, thirdparty lockdown products such as RES PowerFuse greatly simplify administration Users and applications can be provided in a dynamic and secure user workspace, complete with an alternate (more secure) windows shell component PowerFuse adds a number of essential features, such as the ability to control the spawning of a child process or an executable, for example, blocking Internet Explorer from launching from an embedded URL within an e-mail message
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