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In most organizations, it is difficult to successfully migrate to an application delivery environment through mandate alone An edict from top management is essential, but the planning team needs to supplement it with a strategy for internally selling the project as part of their overall change management plan IT will probably have ultimate project ownership and an IT member will probably have to take the initiative in promoting an application delivery environment throughout the organization For purposes of this chapter, we will assume that the IT person leading the initiative is the CIO TIP: IT people often underestimate the resistance that a paradigm shift to an enterprise application delivery system nearly always generates Implementing an enterprise application delivery environment does not involve a major alteration in an organization s mission statement or culture It does, however, change to some extent the way in which employees accomplish their daily work Planning for organizational change can address these concerns and help minimize project roadblocks The steps for managing the change process are as follows: 1 Establish a need and sense of urgency for implementing centralized application delivery
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Building a Project Plan for Managing and Deploying Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition
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2 Create a compelling vision of the Application Delivery Center 3 Recruit executive support 4 Carefully plan the process 5 Communicate to all stakeholders 6 Build momentum and remove obstacles 7 Monitor the progress 8 Publicize early successes 9 Expand the Application Delivery Center 10 Prepare for future capabilities
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Establish a Need for the Application Delivery Center
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A project definition document should include the justifications for an application delivery environment A sense of urgency should now be included in order to generate support A letter from the CEO, for example, can explain the financial benefits that will accrue from application delivery and consequently make it clear that this is a course of action that the organization is undertaking
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Create a Compelling Vision of the XenApp Environment
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Although the CIO may have a vision for an organizationwide application delivery platform, the actual implementation often unfolds over various stages It is important to develop a vision that can be shared with management and users alike of daily life using application delivery The pilot and beta can be very useful in this regard A particularly attractive advantage that can be demonstrated to both users and management alike is the ability to work seamlessly from any connection from anywhere Users tend to get very excited by this capability because of the vastly increased flexibility it affords them They no longer need to be constrained by physical location or device type Management is naturally enthusiastic as well because the productivity of their employees can significantly rise because they are no longer unable to work due to bad weather or car troubles
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Recruit Executive Support
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With any change in the organization or infrastructure, it is important to obtain executive sponsorship Inevitably, conflicts will arise in terms of resource availability, and even outright opposition to the project can surface The executive sponsor must be able to step in and resolve these issues in order to keep the project on track In order to better facilitate organizational change, promotion of the project should be expanded to enlist the support of other top managers The CIO should meet with the appropriate executives either in a group or individually She should take the time to explain the server-based computing philosophy to them, along with the financial and other benefits they can expect She should also be realistic about the challenges they can
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
expect to face during the project implementation and the results they will see upon its completion Her team should customize an appropriate excerpt from the project plan to hand out to these executives
IT Staff Assessment
Is the IT staff ready for an application delivery solution They should be early adopters of the technology during the pilot phase and be convinced enough about the benefits so that they are advocates themselves If the IT staff is used to operating in the ad hoc manner normally associated with network administration, they need to understand that server-based computing requires the rigors of mainframe shop methodology, including controlled access, change control, and planning and procedures Controls must be put into place to ensure that the IT staff will help, and not hinder, the application delivery implementation If certain staff members are unwilling or unable to support the project, they should be reassigned to another support area Skill Levels Does the IT staff have the necessary skills to install and manage an enterprise application delivery solution They must have Windows Server expertise and experience, including an understanding of Active Directory, DNS, reporting, and Registry editing Scripting capabilities are also a requirement for large implementations A router and firewall expert must be available to manage large wide area networks and remote access A skills assessment should be part of the initial project planning, and training or additional personnel should be obtained in order to cover the skill areas that are lacking In addition, each of the individual components of XenApp Platinum Edition (Access Gateway, EdgeSight, Password Manager, Smart Auditor, and so on) will require specific expertise and individual focus In larger organizations, we recommend delegating individuals specific areas of focus and ownership to ensure competency and depth IT Training What training is appropriate for the IT staff prior to implementation A thin client Terminal Services class and a Citrix XenApp class are strongly recommended If most of the work will eventually be done internally, an advanced XenApp course is recommended as well
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