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Prepare for Implementation
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Organizational preparation for the project implementation should start with a word from the executive sponsor Surveys can then be distributed in order to more precisely define the project tasks Ordering lines and equipment is the next step in preparing for deployment of implementation teams
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Announce the Project to the Organization
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Announcement of the project should incorporate sponsorship statements from key corporate executives and give all employees a clear vision of what is coming, what it will look like, what to expect, how it will benefit them and the organization, and how it will affect their daily work At one East Coast company, the vice president of MIS created a Back to Business video that emphasized how XenApp eliminates much of the futzing around that PCs tend to foster By mixing humor with a description of benefits, he created an extremely effective marketing tool
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Executive Mandate
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Although we put a lot of emphasis on selling the project to users, an executive mandate is still required A formal letter should go out from a high-ranking executive, preferably the CEO, telling all managers and users that a new application delivery infrastructure will be taking place It should emphasize that this is an organizational initiative and that everyone is expected to make it work
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The distributed nature of a PC-based computing environment means that many organizations, particularly larger ones, do not have a good grasp of the exact equipment and applications run by users This is especially the case with remote offices or where managers have had the authority to purchase their own hardware and software Creating surveys for both users and remote offices will enable the project manager to assess the true environmental condition and make appropriate ordering decisions Even organizations with an existing network management system (NMS) in place often find that the inventory capabilities are not accurate enough to rely upon In such cases, the inventory report from the NMS can be used as a basis for the survey, and then the user representative for the site can be asked to correct the report WAN Survey If the existing WAN infrastructure does not provide adequate connectivity to all remote offices under Terminal Services, a site survey should be completed at least 60 days before the installation in order to allow for bandwidth upgrades This timing is crucial due to the inevitable delays caused by the local and national exchange carriers A user count and printer count (including types of printers) will help determine the type and size of bandwidth connection to each site Including the address and ZIP Code helps the WAN team decide whether certain technologies, such as a DSL connection, are viable options LAN Survey Make sure the LANs in the selected remote offices are ready for a transition to an application delivery solution For example, daisy-chained hubs that might have worked in a PC-based computing environment can kill XenApp sessions This is because users often have at least one more Ethernet hop to the data center server backbone, which may be enough to exceed the IEEE Ethernet standard Another example is a poorly performing server that may have problems when the implementation team tries to copy data from it Such problems can also give the field deployment teams a heads up for
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Building a Project Plan for Managing and Deploying Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition
what equipment they might need in order to migrate local desktops and servers For example, if the LAN backbone has problems, a field technician might plan on bringing their own hub to connect the server to the deployment PC with a CD-RW drive to pull the data from the server Application Survey Despite the best efforts of the planning committee and despite any company policies that are created regarding an application delivery implementation, some users in remote offices will nearly always have local applications that they insist are required for them to do their job It is far better to learn about these applications ahead of time in order to make appropriate accommodations for them as part of the implementation design process NOTE: We cannot stress enough about the importance of learning everything about an application before hosting it in a XenApp environment This rule must still be followed even in the sometimesunwieldy arena of remote office migration We learned this the hard way In one implementation, we came across many custom-written applications utilized in remote offices Most were written in Microsoft Access and easily migrated to XenApp At one site, however, we migrated an application to the corporate data center and were told it no longer worked After extensive debugging, we asked the user for more information The user replied, The application never really worked, but I thought that it might work once you moved it Printer Survey An accurate count of the number and types of printers and print servers will help determine the type and size of connection required to each remote site It is also important to determine any printers required apart from users default printers Printers that are not going to be supported as part of the application delivery environment should be eliminated Otherwise, they are bound to cause problems and may even lead to Terminal Services problems The implementation team can bring new printers with them to replace the nonsupported units IP Address Survey It is important that the IP addresses are managed across the enterprise Whether this is done manually or by using management software, the point is that the lack of a workable scheme can cause a lot of system administration overhead and confusion If such a system is not in place before the application delivery project, consider using the project as an excuse to put one in place PC Survey Determining the condition of each user s PC may aid a decision about whether to replace it with a thin-client device Create criteria for determining whether a PC will work in the new application delivery environment This might include having an existing network interface card (NIC), having an existing desired local operating system, or being within a certain number of years old User Survey Complete a user survey at least two weeks before installation to allow enough time to order and ship required equipment as well as to set up the user accounts This survey should cover all relevant information about each user, including whether the user requires access to only XenApp-approved applications and whether the user s existing machine meets the new application delivery environment standards The survey
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