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The Malware Industry
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The face of malware is rapidly changing Once the purview of hacker-hobbyists and script kiddies, malware is now the domain of large organized crime syndicates and cybercrime gangs These are businesses with investors, research and development, and profit sharing The only thing fundamentally different from legitimate businesses is that organized crime is in the business of conducting illegal operations, such as financial fraud The US Treasury Department published a report in 2006 that claimed that, on a worldwide scale, organized crime is now making more profits from Internetbased fraud than from drug trafficking And they are just getting better at it
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Anti-Malware Administrative Controls
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Organizations anti-malware controls need to include several administrative controls to stop the introduction and spread of malware These controls include policies such as: Spam policy Security policy and awareness training needs to include don t open strange or unusual e-mail messages, even from people you know guidance to workers Even in an environment with effective spam filters, some spam does get through, so this policy helps users think twice before opening them Only business-related Internet access Because some malware spreads through malicious code implanted on web sites (and for other reasons like lost productivity), organizations may forbid its employees from visiting web sites with no direct business purpose No removable media Malware can be introduced via removable media In fact, the earliest viruses were spread via floppy disk Today, many organizations forbid, and even actively block, the use of removable media such as USB drives and memory sticks No downloading Because some malware is implanted in downloadable software, many organizations have enacted policies that forbid the practice of downloading software Instead, requests are made to the IT service desk if additional software or tools are needed No personally owned computers In many organizations, it was once okay to access the corporate network remotely using personally owned computers Because the organization is unable to control the spread of malware on computers it does not own or control, the right place to draw the line is to enact a policy that forbids all but company-owned computers from connecting to any network, local or remote
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Malware: Avoiding Repeats of History
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For the most part, organizations are serious about stopping malware at the network boundary This is because they remember malware attacks of the past 10 years that incapacitated corporate networks for days at a time Malware with names like I Love You, Code Red, Blaster, and SQL Slammer evoke memories of battles to keep corporate networks running Those were painful events that resulted in serious business disruption, sometimes enough to affect financial results Pointed questions from senior executives, who often did not understand the rules of the new cyberwars, distracted IT managers from their primary objective: get the malware out of the network!
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6: Information Asset Protection
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Anti-Malware Technical Controls
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Because malware is so potent, and because some kinds of malware are able to spread without any human interaction or assistance, a defense-in-depth strategy for blocking it is needed in most organizations to make sure that malware has few opportunities to enter the network Anti-malware on all servers and workstations Every workstation should have current anti-malware software It should be configured to perform real-time malware detection, plus regular scans (daily in high-risk environments, weekly in others) Users should not be able to remove or tamper with anti-malware software, even if they are local administrators for their workstations However, users should be able to perform scans on demand if they sense that something new in their system may be infected Anti-malware on e-mail servers E-mail servers should have anti-malware programs designed to block malware on incoming and outgoing e-mail This cannot be ordinary anti-malware software, but a type designed to run on an e-mail server and interoperate with the e-mail server programs Anti-malware on web proxy servers/filters Organizations should have active or passive web proxy servers that have anti-malware software on board This will prevent malware from entering an organization from web sites that users are visiting Centralized anti-malware console Organizations should consider using enterprise versions of anti-malware software that provide central monitoring and configuration consoles This gives the organization the ability to instantly see the big picture with regard to anti-malware controls For instance, a console will show which workstations anti-malware programs are having trouble running or getting new updates and where infections are occurring Intrusion prevention systems Organizations can employ agented or agentless intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) that will automatically sense activities typical of malware An IPS has the ability to immediately disconnect an infected system from the network so that it cannot infect other systems or disrupt network traffic Spam filters A lot of malware (not to mention phishing schemes and fraud) enters an organization through e-mail Centralized spam filters can intercept and block spam before it even reaches the e-mail server Many spam filters also have antivirus programs on them to scrub viruses from incoming email even when it comes from legitimate, known persons Blocking use of removable media While external memory devices such as USB sticks and external hard drives are popular, they do represent a number of threats, including malware Blocking removable media is also one measure that is effective against information leakage
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