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Windows 2000 Migration
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You are almost certainly in an organization using Windows NT 40 and planning a move to Windows 2000 at some point in time It will not be a wholesale swap-out to a new Windows 2000 environment Rather, a careful migration plan will have to be created and then implemented, so that disruption of the network is minimal 12 studies those issues in depth; but, for now, let's get a taste of how a migration might take place You'll be surprised at how much you have already learned about Windows 2000
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Domain Migration Example
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Since you're probably not going to build your enterprise from scratch, we'll look at how Windows 2000 and AD will help you grow your existing network For this example, we already have a domain with OUs We have just acquired another company that has an overstuffed NT 40 domain with all the associated problems Our job is to join the two organizations and allow users on both sides to access all resources in both domains (normal permissions that is, Access Control Lists presiding, of course) With NT 40, we'd pretty much be stuck with joining the two units via a pair of one-way trusts Users would be able to see some resources on the other domain, but we wouldn't gain the management and security benefits of AD Additionally, the problems associated with managing each of those domains would now be compounded because they are separate but joined This solution may work in the short term, but things will head downhill from here Another, easier choice is to assimilate another domain into the AD of the target domain In this example, we convert the new domain to Windows 2000 and assign it as a child domain to the first domain, or as a child domain to the parent of the first domain We next add OUs to parcel out the domain and make management easier Now users from all over either domain can search the AD for resources, all with a single sign-on We've cut management time, increased security, and made more resources available This setup is illustrated in Figure 1-5
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Figure 1-5: Merging an NT domain into a Windows 2000 domain "Omigod," you say, "I just got NT 40 up and running Why do I have to migrate to a new OS already " To begin with, you may not have to do it right away The advantages of moving to Windows 2000 may not weigh heavily for your organization Not everybody should feel compelled to move to Windows 2000 right away If your network and server environment is meeting your business requirements, you are in a position to take the time necessary to map out a strategy for migrating when the time is right for your organization On the other hand, good candidates for an early move would include organizations that already have NT running, are large (more than 5,000 users), and are not located in a single facility These environments have the most to gain by migrating to Windows 2000 The return on investment may not be significant to small- and medium-sized companies until application developers have had a chance to develop programs that fully leverage what Windows 2000 has to offer
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Note, too, that there are benefits to Windows 2000 other than improved security, lower- cost management, and increased network design flexibility These benefits include the Distributed File System (Dfs), a new encrypted version of NTFS, enhanced support for newer hardware, and Dynamic DNS, all of which are covered in subsequent chapters
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When Cisco and Microsoft announced they would work together to bring the network closer to the Windows operating system, a whole new realm of computing became possible This type of integration between the machines using the network and the machines that are the network will allow for a level of network reliability, security, and true integration that has never before been possible By centrally locating information about the network's devices and their status (by means of the Active Directory), opportunity opens up for applications to read this information and make decisions based not only on user properties, but also on the current condition of the network The full impact of the Cisco/Windows technological pairing won't be felt by users for some time To get the most out of this relationship, users, administrators, and developers must study the technology ahead of time, and plan for it by adopting Windows 2000 In this chapter we reviewed the history behind the heightened integration between Cisco and Microsoft, the reasons for the relationship, and where the initiatives are likely to take us We reviewed the new concepts necessary for properly understanding and using the new version of Windows, and how to migrate to it We also looked at Active Directory, the new naming convention for Windows workstation and server, and some of the more notable new features of the Windows 2000 operating system In 2, we'll move ahead to discuss the Microsoft/Cisco relationship from the perspective of the network device vendor, and we'll introduce the Directory-Enabled Network (DEN) initiative
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2: Directory-Enabled Networking (DEN)
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