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Custom signatures can be implemented to defend against specific security concerns For instance, you might create the custom signature "proprietary" and the Sensor will detect all instances of the word "proprietary" on packets traveling onto an external network
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Attack Response
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The Sensor can do several things after it determines an attack: Generate an alarm to the remote Director system Log the alarm event to a flat file on either the Sensor or the Director system Record the session to an IP session log, to gather evidence and trick the intruder by impersonating important documentation or information in order to obtain more information about the intruder Reset the TCP connection and kill the session generating an attack Deny network access by reconfiguring the ACL of a Cisco router, using the Device Management feature, or configure it manually on the Director system
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Router Syslog Monitoring
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CiscoSecure IDS monitors router ACL system logs Any policy violations detected will generate alarms sent to the Director
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The Director is a centralized software application that monitors and manages Sensors, collects and analyzes network security data, downloads new attack signatures, and facilitates user operation Although the Director does not offer reporting, it exports data to third-party reporting tools
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Network Security Database
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The HTML-based network security database provides attack descriptions; possible countermeasures; and specific, customizable response procedures The database interface is a map-based, color-icon GUI that displays visual forms of alarms
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Sensor Monitoring
The Sensors provide real-time security information to the Director Using HP OpenView, this information is then presented via hierarchical icons on the network security maps Each icon is used to access a particular layer, and the lowest layer contains Alarm and Error icons An icon can be a Machine, Application, or an Alarm A state, represented by a color, is assigned to
each icon The state of an icon is propagated up to the highest layer of the network security maps, so at the highest level you can determine where the alarms are Table 14-6 illustrates the relationship of icon colors to icon states Table 14-6: CiscoSecure IDS Icon States
Icon Color
Icon State
Green Yellow Red
Normal Marginal Critical
Sensor Installation, Management, and Recovery
To install a SENSOR, you simply plug it into the desired network and assign it an IP address using a laptop and its console port The Director can then detect the Sensor and provide the remaining configurations The Director can also provide ongoing remote management and configuration changes for all Sensors on the related networks All existing and previous configuration files for the Sensors being monitored by the Director can also be stored by the Director This means the Director can easily roll back to a previous configuration or completely restore a configuration to a Sensor that has failed and needs to be recovered The following functions have parameters configurable by a user on the Director for the Sensor(s): Communications Data management Device management Director forwarding Event processing Intrusion detection System files Collection of Sensor data
Analysis of Sensor Data
Using third-party tools, the Director can analyze Sensor data and generate reports to show information such as number and levels of alarms, Web server activity, and a table of events, categorized by levels
Post Office
Post Office is the communication tool between the Sensors and the Director It is based on a unique three-part address with Organization, Host, and Application identifiers The combination of these three identifiers distinguishes each node This three-part addressing scheme can be layered on top of existing network protocols and allows for fault-tolerant connectivity across heterogeneous network architectures It also addresses a much larger domain than the current 32-bit IP protocol Three-part addressing provides the following benefits:
Alternate routes are defined between hosts These allow automatic switching to the next route when the current route fails Sensors send messages only to the Director; they are not broadcast onto multiple hosts The Director then propagates packets onto other affected platforms Multiple Directors can be used Local Directors can manage during core business hours, and Sensors know to send updates to the central Director during off-peak hours By centralizing this operation, system management is simplified
In many companies, data is becoming the most important asset This resource might describe how a company operates, and its future strategies with products, services, technologies, and so forth Such information would be detrimental if placed in the wrong hands Cisco's security options go far toward protecting a company's internal data from external hackers Options include Cisco IOS access control lists (ACLs), Cisco Firewall IOS, and Cisco PIX Firewall Each of these mechanisms offers a different level of security protection from the basic protection of Cisco ACLs on up to Cisco PIX Firewall's high-level detection and prevention The cost of these options increases in proportion to the measure of security provided Other methods, as well, can be used to secure a company's data in a Cisco environment Cisco offers Network Address Translation (NAT) on the router IOS, on the router Firewall IOS, and on PIX Firewall NAT is typically used to hide internal IP addressing schemes and/or reduce the expense of a registered IP address for each node on the network Virtual private network (VPN) technology also exists VPNs are encrypted tunnels that provide a means for traffic to traverse securely across a public network VPNs are typically deployed for remote users accessing a company's internal data across a public network such as the Internet As with any network administration decision, the pros and cons must be weighed in order to determine the sacrifices the company will make in order to obtain the level of security desired
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