Private clouds in practice in VS .NET

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Private clouds in practice
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Let s look at three specific private cloud initiatives and implementations as a way to understand how attributes such as the security constraints of the application and requirements of specific organizations caused the implementation to take a private cloud route.
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Sprint: private cloud for fraud-detection application
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The first example comes from the telecommunications industry and involves Sprint. Sprint is the third largest provider of wireless voice and communications in the U.S. It has roughly 50 million subscribers and needs to process the operational events generated by these users across a nationally distributed network in real time. Sprint chose to deploy a private cloud to process this data for the purposes of fraud detection. A fraud application deals with private information of the wireless carrier s subscribers; using a private cloud makes good sense. In addition to private data related to your identity, such as your credit card information, a wireless carrier also has access to data relating to your geographic location in real time. Not only can it determine your location from the cell tower your phone is using during a call, but often, if the cell phone is on, it can determine your location at all times. Sprint could have chosen to deploy the fraud application in a traditional manner, utilizing a few expensive, high-performance computing servers. Instead, the company chose a cloud-like approach of developing the application for deployment on many commodity x86 servers. The Sprint private cloud is small scale in comparison to a public cloud, using on the order of 100 commodity servers as opposed to the thousands or more that are involved in a public cloud deployment. It uses software from Appistry as the cloud technology to provide management infrastructure for these servers. Appistry also provides the middleware layer that allows the application to be distributed and load-balanced across multiple servers so that it can run reliably and in a fault-tolerant manner across the infrastructure. The cheap, commodity-server strategy allows an organization to deploy incrementally and dynamically as load increases. Deploying as a private cloud, as opposed to a public cloud, allows for greater control and a guarantee that all available resources can be allocated to the task. This example, although it s small scale, demonstrates many of the aspects of a successful private cloud deployment.
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Security and the private cloud
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One aspect of a private cloud, although not present in this example, is that it isn t strictly speaking a utility platform for general computing, and it isn t shared across multiple constituencies for various purposes. In the next example, we ll look at a deployment that does have this characteristic.
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Bechtel Project Services Network (PSN)
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Bechtel is a large construction and engineering company with over 40,000 employees. The company runs projects in 50 countries worldwide. Its CIO, Geir Ramleth, set out in 2006 to transform the traditional IT infrastructure into one that was state of the art. His basic premise was that in the last decade, most IT innovation was being performed in consumer-oriented companies. He studied 18 of them to see how he could improve the way his organization operated. He found there were drastic differences in the cost and efficiency of his organization when compared with these best-in-class operations. In his keynote address at the 2008 IT Roadmap Conference and Expo, Ramleth cited some of these differences:
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Bandwidth YouTube pays $10-15/megabit for its WAN bandwidth, whereas Bechtel paid $500/megabit. Storage Amazon charges its cloud customers $0.15/GB/month, compared to the $3.75/GB/month Bechtel pays. IT server maintenance Google can maintain 20,000 servers with one systems administrator, whereas Bechtel needed 1 for every 100 servers. Software applications has only one version of its application servicing 1 million users, which it upgrades four times a year with little downtime and few training requirements. In comparison, Bechtel used 230 different applications with up to 5 versions each, amounting to almost 800 different versions of applications servicing 40,000 employees. These applications required ongoing training and frequent maintenance upgrades.
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Bechtel transformed its IT infrastructure into a private cloud by standardizing its hardware and software infrastructure. It consolidated its data-center assets, closing seven data centers and consolidating its core computational assets into three retooled and standardized centers. It virtualized its infrastructure, resulting in improved server and storage utilization. From the application perspective, it moved to a more standardized overall portal with modules for customized applications. The result of the transformation was a savings of 25 to 30 percent in overall IT costs.
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