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Facilitated User Communities
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These are managed communities The setup, administration, and facilitation are done by a third party They are private The membership is mostly invited These are not the damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead kinds of sites that many of the others are Even those behind the enterprise walls are often open and public, just administratively controlled by the company that created them These aren t those These are planned neighborhoods, often whose primary purpose is to gain insight into customers Typically, they are organized around a specific topic They can be communities that exist for an explicit time and delimited purpose or
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CRM at the Speed of Light: SoCiaL CRM StRategieS, tooLS, and teChniqueS foR engaging YouR CuStoMeRS
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communities of interest for a longer duration Their differentiator is that these private communities are carefully managed Some of the characteristics: The size of the membership is restricted The members are specifically chosen according to segmentation or other demographic or even psychographic information The community is moderated by experienced facilitators who, while not intrusive, are still managing and directing the conversation, though not to any particular conclusion because that would taint the purpose The community s owner can be visible or not The moderators always are visible Facilitated communities can be expensive because of the labor time involved in moderation of the community The upside is that they are remarkably good for either providing long-term support for networks that need the interaction and some direction on how that interaction should occur or for short-term insights into particular areas or problems The latter use facilitated discussions to capture the data they need to make key product or services decisions But that s also where the most significant downside comes in Pharmaceutical companies have been known to create these facilitated private social networks around a disease they have some drug treatment for or around the drug itself But rather than let it be known that they own the community, they instead stay in the background observing, something like using one-way glass in an interrogation The question arises, is that ethical Would you want to be watched and your discourse harvested without knowing that there is an interested company behind that one-way glass Not me That said, don t rule this form of community out either as a longterm option or an outcome-based social network The ethical issues aren t applicable to the bulk of them The value is clear if they meet strategic needs
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National Comprehensive Cancer Network
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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), an alliance of 21 cancer care centers, initially collaborated with premier facilitated community builder, Communispace, to build a private network that was for first-time cancer patients at all stages The idea was to provide
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SoCiaL netwoRkS, uSeR CoMMunitieS: who LoveS Ya, BaBY
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a mutually beneficial environment a community where cancer patients could express their worries, concerns, and ideas without fear and without being judged, while also providing a place where the care centers could learn how to improve their care to the patients There were 350 patients chosen for this private network, based on studies that identified what it would take to optimize the discussion and provide the strongest mutual support The community was designed to calm the colors of the site being soothing, for instance and to develop intimacy between the caregivers and the patients, and the patients with each other There was 24/7 access, so no one was ever alone At first, the site itself was administered and facilitated by Communispace, which is what Communispace does Insights gained from the caregiver-patient and patient-patient discussions led to dramatic changes at the 21 centers The range of improved patient experiences go from preadmission testing to clinical trial participation to oral therapy compliance and on to psychosocial programs This was so successful that NCCN launched two more communities, one for late-stage cancer patients and another for early-stage cancer patients NCCN is important because the success was based on mutually derived value, the hallmark of Social CRM strategy and purpose of an enterprise social network The patients were supported by each other, and they had access 24/7 to experts so that they were never unsupported As someone who has been through the process with my wife s successful fight against breast cancer in 2004 2005, the value of access to information and support is an almost incalculable benefit in the fight to beat that horrible disease The more you know, the better the chance to beat it This is a somewhat dramatic but important example of how communities can provide value to both sides even when they aren t Facebook or LinkedIn
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