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Vendor Selection Strategy
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I m only putting this in as a placeholder for 21, where you can see how to go deep on vendor selection Keep in mind a major caveat Vendor selection, which involves choosing the applications and the company that provides the apps, is one of the later stages of the overall implementation of the strategy You do it at the beginning and your odds of success go down, though you might have the technology in hand You do it later, and you re doing it smarter But I ll let Bruce Culbert tell you about that in 21
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Model Project (Pilots)
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Doing a pilot in the case of a CRM program doesn t mean a smaller version of what will be a larger implementation It means choosing a specific tactical objective and then developing a strategy and implementing toward a solution for that tactical objective For example, several years ago, a client who was not prepared to do a CRM implementation because of cultural issues that were related to their
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CRM at the Speed of Light: SoCiaL CRM StRategieS, tooLS, and teChniqueS foR engaging YouR CuStoMeRS
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relationship to their sales force, which was independent agents, still needed a new marketing and sales management system because theirs was so badly broken The implementation of that sales and marketing system was primarily to increase operational efficiencies, not make a change on how to deal with customers per se We brought in NetSuite as an interim solution with the understanding that they would still have to bid with everyone else when this company was finally ready to develop a full-blown CRM strategy and implement a comprehensive system One of the effects of the effort was that the company and the agents got comfortable with the idea of a CRM technology, which will make the transition culturally a lot smoother when the time for the more comprehensive solution is at hand The pilot fulfills a need and provides a quick win so there is acceptance of CRM at the senior level and among the staff This isn t simply just a scaled-down test It s a small tactical effort with a purpose
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Extending the Community
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This is a new Social CRM element in the pantheon Part of your planning now has to be on how you re going to engage your constituents be they customers or voters or people with like interests No longer are you implementing just the operational CRM programs that improve your business processes You need to add a social component to your strategic thinking, which might include the use of social media, or monitoring external communities who are conversing (see 9) about you, or even creating a customer community that would be part of your ecosystem so that the conversation would at least be visible and available to you if not in your control But it goes even beyond the obvious Part of this planning is how transparent and open you re going to be as a company that is, what you are going to let your customers know that in the past you wouldn t How are you going to treat your customers, as clients or as partners What does that imply for your corporate culture What kind of channel strategy does this mean Are your partners a receptacle for your products or are they part of an integrated ecosystem that s organized around the enhancement of the customer s experience All in all, what you re planning for is how your customers will be participating in your business with you and what that means to your contemporary business environment
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Big piCtuRe, Big StRategieS
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The CRM Killing Fields
Okay, in a perfect world, the CRM wait, there is no perfect world Something is going to go wrong (remember risk assessment ) I guarantee that Let me give you an idea of what could and how bad it can get, just so you don t get too giddy These are the CRM killing fields
Killing Fields Corporate politics Fragmented personal or departmental agendas Stakeholders teams wrong mix Misalignment of goals Explanation Vindictive, aggressive, selfish personal agendas for career advancement or damaging someone else s career Siloed departmental agendas take precedence over the greater corporate good; interferes with CRM strategy due to selfish interest Bad chemistry or wrong leadership positions can damage CRM programmatic development Different stakeholders have different ideas on the result and there is no documentation that clearly defines the objectives or ROI Often seen by a badly done proposal that gives huge freedom to vendor without constraints Oh, I didn t know that was CRM! This can be enormously damaging A client of mine had a homegrown definition of CRM took two years to overcome Just too busy to get to it right now Assumption that what worked in the past works now That never is the case Failure to involve users from the beginning or its permutation, no users as stakeholders Personal objectives have to be clearly stated from the beginning and known among the stakeholders What do you get out of this Transparency is key Stakeholders and executive sponsors can t order anyone to use the system or implement their piece of strategy Imposing it is automatic failure Learn as you go, and go and learn This is user involvement in the training and in the selection of features and functions they need for example, salespeople need order management
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