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free: release fully inverted le: phantom le garbage collection: le reorganization Gaussian distribution: normal distribution GDBMS: Generalized Database Management System generative method: compiling get: record reading group: segment of a tuple or a record group (Reality): direct access bucket hashing: key-to-address transformation header: directory hierarchy: tree high-speed memory: core memory hints: nonessential data or links HOL policy: PRI home address: track identifying area IBM cards: Hollerith cards IBM tape: half-inch magnetic tape ICDB: integrated corporate database ID-attribute form: Codd Normal Form immediate-access storage: core memory independent relation: entity relation index point: track-beginpoint individual: entity insert (DBTG) now: connect intent to lock: claim interim le: workspace internal structure (SOCRATE): schema intersection data (IMS): dependent part of subset or associative relation interval(IBM-VSAM): train or (locking) region inversion of permutations: ranking inverted le: indexed le, le sorted on another attribute type, or transposed le inverted list: multi-indexed job: application or task join dependency: connection journal le: transaction log KAT: key-to-address transformation keep (CODASYL): claim key: search argument, attribute value key compression: key abbreviation key eld on a disk: block identi cation eld keypunching: indirect data entry, cards key-sequenced dataset (IBM-VSAM): index-sequential le key-to-address transfer: direct address key tree: index key type: attribute
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key work tree: multilevel indexing keyed record access: indexed les L-string (DIAM): inter le linkage LCFS policy: LIFO LINC tape: DEC tape line: transmission line line: record containing text linear probing: linear search in a direct le line number (IDS): record number link: pointer linkage: pointer structure linked free storage lists: chained free portions linked lists: rings list: chain locate: fetch location mode: le access method logical database (IMS): user s data model logical records: records logical subschema: external schema m-to-n relationship: association or nest of references magnetic card le: strip le maintenance of les: reorganization materialized records: data derived on access memory: storage merge: union of two sequences MIS: management information system, medical information system modulo-two addition: exclusive-OR multilist: indexed rings multiway: multi-attribute nondense index: index with block anchor points nonprime attribute (Codd): goal attribute exclusively nonsimple domain (Codd): hierarchical or tree structure notation: code representation null entry: unde ned data object relations: associative relations observation: attribute value on-demand derivation: data derived on access optional elds: essential values out-of-place-insertion: over ow le output formats: data constellatins over ow le: transaction le owner-coupled set (Codd): subsidiary ring, implemented nest owner record: directory record page: block paged memory: virtual memory partial match queries: multi-attribute access
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Database Design partitioned le: single level index to large record groups permanent blocking: hibernation permutation index: concordance persistent records: actual data physical key (IMS): full key, quali cation and subset key physical record: block piling: clustering PL/1: PL/I (see epigraph for Chap 14) plex (ANSI): subset of a network pointer array: index potential data: data derived on access power of an index: fanout ratio predecessor pointers: prior preprocessor for schema: translator primary key: ruling part primary memory: core memory probing: serial search process: task progressive over ow: open addressing property: key value or attribute eld protected read or update (CODASYL): claim against other updates put: record writing quali ers: attribute values PV (Probeer te verlagen Verhogen): semaphore, lock claim and release quali ers: attribute values queued access: bu ered access quibs: bu ers random access: direct access, sometimes indexed access random-access drive: disk pack drive random-access memory: core memory, disk storage randomizing: key-to-address transformation rank of a relation: number of tuples ready (CODASYL): open le realm (CODASYL): subset of a database record (IBM): block record (IMS): tree instance record (MUMPS): entry record-control block: schema record identity number: unique key regional 1 le IBM: immediate-access le regional 2 le IBM: direct bucket le regional 3 le IBM: direct variable-length-record bucket le relational le: associative relation remove (DBTG) now: disconnect repeating groups: repeating segments request stringing: queuing
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