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Database Design
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Database Design
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Arden, Bruce W(ed)75 : Interactive Computer Systems ; IEEE Proc , vol 63 no 6, Jun1975, pp883 979 Armisen,JP and Caleca,JY81 : A Commercial Back-End Data Base System ; VLDB 7, Zaniolo and Delobel(eds), Cannes, 1981 Aron,JD69 : Information Systems in Perspective ; ACM CSurveys, vol1 no4, Dec1969, pp213 235 Arora,SR and Dent,WT69 : Randomized Binary Search Techniques ; CACM, vol12 no2, Feb1969, pp77 80 Arora,SR and Gallo,A71 : Optimal Sizing, Loading and Re-loading in a Multi-Memory Hierarchy System ; Proc 1971 SJCC, AFIPS vol38, pp337 344 Astrahan,MM, Schkolnick,M, and Whang,K-Y87 : Approximating the Number of Unique Values without Sorting ; Information Systems, vol12 no1, 1987 Atkinson,MP and Morrison,M85 : Procedures as Persistent Objects ; ACM TOPLAS, vol7 no4, Oct1985, pp539 559 Atkinson,W and DeSanctis,P83 : Introduction to vsam; Hayden Book Co, 1983 Atwood,JW, MacLeod,A, and Yu,K-C82 : An Empirical Study of a cdc 844-41 Disk Subsystem ; PerformEval, vol2 no1, May 1982, pp29 56 Atwood,RC72 : E ects of Secondary Storage I/O Contention on the Performance of an Interactive Information Management System ; ACM National Conf 27, Aug1972, pp670 679 Baber,RL63 : Tape Searching Techniques ; JACM, vol10 no4, Oct1963, pp478 486 Bachman,CWand Williams,SB64 : A General Purpose Programming System for Random Access Memories ; Proc 1964 FJCC, AFIPS vol26, pp411 422 Bachman,Charles W66 : On a Generalized Language for File Organization and Manipulation ; CACM, vol9 no3, Mar1966, pp225 226 Bachman,Charles W72 : The Evolution of Storage Structures ; CACM, vol 15 no 7, Jul1972, pp628 634 Bachman,Charles W 73 : The Programmer as a Navigator ; CACM, vol 16 no 11, Nov1973, pp653 658 Baer,Jean-Loup75 : Weight-Balanced Trees ; Proc 1975 NCC, AFIPS vol44, pp467 472 Baker,FT,72 : Chief Programmer Team Management of Production Programming ; IBM SysJ, vol11 No 1, 1972, pp56 72 Barbara,D and GarciaMolina,H82 : How Expensive is Data Replication, An Example ; IEEE Internat Conf on Distr Comp Sys 3, 1982, pp263 268 Baroody,AJ,jr and DeWitt,DJ81 : An Object-Oriented Approach to Database System Implementation ; ACM TODS, vol6 no4, Dec1981, pp576 601 Baskett,F and Smith,AJ76 : Interference in Multiprocessor Computer Systems with Interleaved Memory ; CACM, vol19 no6, Jun1976, pp327 334 Batory,DS79 : On Searching Transposed Files ; ACM TODS, vol 4 no 4, Dec1979, pp531 544 Batory,DS and Gotlieb,CC82 : A Unifying Model of Physical Databases ; ACM TODS, vol7 no4, Dec1982, pp509 539 Batteke,JPH, Heaps,DM, and Mercier,MA74 : Canadian Water Resources Information A Network Approach ; Inf Stor and Retr, vol10 nos3,4, Mar1974, pp85-99 Bayer,R and McCreight,EM72O,S : Organization and Maintenance of Large Ordered Indexes and Symetric Binary B-trees: Data Structure and Maintenance Algorithms ; Acta Inf, vol1 no3, Feb1972, pp173 189 and no4, Nov1972, pp290 306 Bayer,R and Metzger,JK76 : On the Encipherment of Search Trees and Random Access Files ; ACM TODS, vol1 no1, Mar1976, pp37 52
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