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Database Design
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Database Design
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Steel,Tom B, jr64 : Beginnings of a Theory of Information Handling ; CACM, Feb1964, pp97 103 Sterling,TD74,75 : Guidelines for Humanizing Computerized Information Systems, A Report from Stanley House ; CACM, vol17 no11, Nov1974, pp609 613; Science, vol190 no4220, 19 Dec1975, pp1168 1172 Stocker,PM77 : Storage Utilization in a Self-Organizing Data Base ; Proc 1977 NCC, AFIPS vol46, pp119 122 Stone,Harold S72 : Introduction to Data Structures and Computer Organization; McGrawHill, 1972, 1974 Stone,HS and Fuller,SF73 : On the Near-Optimality of the Shortest-Access-Time-First Drum Scheduling Discipline ; CACM, vol16 no6, Jun1973, pp352 353 Stone, Harold S(ed)75 : Introduction to Computer Architecture; SRA, Palo Alto 1975 Stonebraker,Michael74 : The Choice of Partial Inversions and Combined Indices ; Journal of Computer and Information Science, Jun1974, pp167 188 Stonebraker,M, et al79 : Concurrency Control and Consistency of Multiple Copies of Data in Distributed ingres ; IEEE TSE, volSE-5 no3, May 1979, pp188 194 Stonebraker,Michael80 : Retrospection on a Data Base System ; ACM TODS, vol5 no2, Jun1980, pp225 240 Stonebraker,Michael81 : Operating System Support for Database Management ; CACM, vol14 no7, Jul1981 Stonebraker, Michael(ed)85 : The ingres Papers: Anatomy of a Relational Database System; Addison-Wesley, 1985 Stover,RF and Krishnaswamy,S73 : Ensuring Input Data Integrity in a High-Volume Environment ; Proc 1973 NCC, AFIPS vol42, ppM54 M59 Streeter,DN73 : Centralization or Dispersion of Computing Facilities ; IBM SysJ, vol 12 no3, 1973, pp283 301 Stroustrup,B86 : The c++ Programming Language; Addison-Wesley, 1986 Studer,Rudi80 : A Dialogue Interface for Data Base Applications ; VLDB 6, Lochovsky and Taylor(eds), Oct1980, pp167 182 Su,SYW et al80 : Database Machines and Some Issues on DBMS Standards ; Proc1980 NCC, AFIPS vol49, pp191 208 Sussenguth,EH63 : Use of Tree Structures for Processing Files ; CACM, vol6 no5, May 1963, pp272 279 Svobodova,Liba84 : File Servers for Network-Based Distributed Systems ; ACM CSurveys, vol16 no4, Dec1984, pp353 398 Symons,CR and Tijsma,P82 : A Systematic and Practical Approach to the De nition of Data ; Computer J, vol25 no4, Nov1982, pp410 422 Tanenbaum,AS81 : Computer Networks; Prentice Hall, 1981, 517 pp Tang, Donald T and Chien, Robert T69 : Coding for Error Control ; IBM SysJ, vol8 no1, Mar1969, pp48 80 Teichrow,Daniel(ed)71 : Education Related to the Use of Computers in Organizations ; CACM, Sep1971, vol14 no9, pp573 588 Teichrow,D and Hershey,EA77 : PSL/PSA: A Computer Aided Technique for Structured Documentation and Analysis of Information Processing Systems ; IEEE TSE, vol SE-3 no1, 1977, pp41 48 Teng,JZ and Gumaer,RA84 : Managing ibm Database 2 Bu ers to Maximize Performance ; IBM SysJ, vol23 no2, Jul1984, pp211-218 Teorey, TJ and Pinkerton, TB72 : A Comparative Analysis of Disk Scheduling Policies ; CACM, vol15 no3, 1972, pp177 184
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