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844 CallerID
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One of the most important pieces of call associated information for CTI solutions is callerID Despite the limitations of analog lines, callerID information can be delivered and most telephone companies now include callerID among their service offerings for analog lines CallerID information is sent by the CO switch as a burst of modulated data between the first and second ring cycles as a call is being presented To use callerID, telephone station equipment must be equipped with appropriate electronics for intercepting and decoding the callerID information, and the phone must not be answered until after the second ring has started (See 5, section 551 for more information on ANI and callerID)
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845 Distinctive Ringing
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Some analog lines are able to indicate the original dialed number associated with a call that is being presented to a particular device using the distinctive ringing feature This feature is effectively an analog line version of DNIS that involves using a different ringer pattern (the cadence of the AC signals making up a ring cycle) to correspond to each of the subscribed-to numbers that are associated with the analog line in question The mapping between numbers and ringer patterns is specific to each and every line, so this feature is rarely taken advantage of in CTI systems To do so requires special hardware capable of detecting different ring patterns and prior knowledge of the assignments of ringer patterns to numbers (See 5, section 552 and 10, section 10910 for information on DNIS)
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846 Call Waiting Indication
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Call waiting indication is used in conjunction with the flash hook capability It involves allowing for a second call to be presented to the logical device corresponding to an analog line while a first call is active The presence of the second call in the alerting state is signaled
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using a special in-band signaling tone that is inserted into the media stream channel on the analog line The second call can be answered by issuing the alternate call service using a hookflash, or can be ignored The latest variation on call waiting involves delivering callerID information for the second call using additional in-band signaling While having this information is very useful, the disruption to the active call, resulting from the in-band signaling that otherwise blocks the active media stream, can be significant8-7
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847 Proprietary Second Pair Signaling
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Despite the fact that analog local loops (in fact, most local loops, period) require only a single pair of wires, standard telephone cable has at least two pairs of conductors, and the standard North American telephone jack, the RJ-11, provides a connection for both pairs Certain switches put the normally unused pair of wires to work as a separate, independent signaling channel These implementations support full POTS compatibility with the standard pair of wires so that any existing analog station equipment will work Special proprietary phones compatible with the proprietary protocol on the second pair, however, are specially handled by the switch when detected These products use the second independent (typically digital) channel in order to allow full functionality on the analog loop Information conveyed includes all available call information, status and control information for the physical device, etc This arrangement is illustrated in Figure 8-18
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Call waiting and in-band signaling Call waiting illustrates a second disadvantage of in-band signaling If the switch assumes that a human is listening and can take action, it may generate inband tones at any time This can disrupt modulated data connections (ie, modem or fax transmissions) that might be present on the line For this reason, most systems that support call waiting also support DTMF commands to disable the feature
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Figure 8-18 Proprietary second pair
848 Analog Telephone Station Equipment
Analog telephone station equipment is anything that can be connected to an analog telephone line This includes: Analog telephone sets Fax machines Data modems Fax modems Low-speed video phone telephones Individual devices typically combine multiple functions and can be found in a limitless variety of form factors The portions of these products that correspond to the components of a telephone set represent each item's physical element Other portions (such as a fax machine's scanner, printer, and modem) are considered media services associated with the device Telephone stations are discussed in more detail in section 105
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