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721 Client-server Operation
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Basic media services solutions often involve physically collocating both the media service instance and the media services client This is often referred to as a local media services application or a server hosted media client and is common practice due to the properties of media client-server operation However, in the general case, media services clients may be physically located anywhere as long as they can establish a communication session with the media service interface for the appropriate media service instance Supporting distributed media services clients add some additional requirements to a media services implementation, but it provides a much more compelling solution Media clients that are location
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independent support CT solutions with greater flexibility, scalability, and modularity Utilization of available media resources can be maximized by allowing media clients to share media resources One consequence of distributed media clients is that the abstraction of media service instances, media resources, and their services makes no assumptions about the physical location of components Specifically: Media clients are not concerned with the physical location of, or media stream interconnection between, media resources Media resources have access to local media storage in the media service instance Media clients can delegate tasks to the media service instance to avoid potential delays resulting from slow client-server communication Media clients can themselves be modularized and distributed so that media client modules can hand off media resources and associated call media streams among one another Media clients are able to independently interact with multiple media service instances allowing a single media client to simultaneously interact with any number of calls using multiple threads7-5 of the same software logic Support for different types of media clients and the need to integrate both CTI clients and media clients is another key factor in the definition of media services
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Software thread In software a thread is a single sequence of steps to be executed by a processor Using multiple threads involves simultaneously executing the same sequence multiple times with each thread being independent of the others
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722 Media Services Client Types
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There are two basic types of media services clients: Media only Media only clients use only the services provided by a given media services interface They are only concerned with using media resources to carry out a particular interaction for each call that is presented to them Integrated Integrated media clients use both CTI and media services interfaces They are concerned with both call/device control and with manipulating the media streams of a given call Media only clients represent the majority of all media clients found in CT systems This reflects the preference for highly modular, task-oriented client components
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For example, a solution that performs incoming call screening could be implemented as an integrated media client that detects undesirable calls based on call associated information, binds them to a media service instance that supports audio playback, uses media services to play a polite message, and clears the call The same solution could be implemented using a CTI client that detects and deflects undesirable calls to a media access device along with a media only client that plays the message and drops the call Both approaches provide a solution with the same functionality, but the second approach offers much greater flexibility
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723 Media Services Client Operation
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Media services clients operate in a call-centric fashion because media processing only takes place when active calls with allocated media stream channels are attached to the appropriate media resources Once it has established a session with the appropriate media services interface, a media client can operate on multiple calls using multithreading or some other equivalent approach Handling each call involves performing the following: 1 Bind media service instance Integrated media clients that want to operate on a particular call use CTI media binding services (described in 6, section 611) to perform this step Media only clients simply wait for a notification that a call has been presented for them to handle If supported, a media only client may initiate a call from the media service instance 2 Allocate media resources Each media client must confirm the allocation of a group of media resources of various classes which collectively provide the media services that it requires Before the media client can begin interacting with a call's media streams it must ensure that the media resources required are allocated and that they are appropriately interconnected 3 Operate With the media streams and media resources in place the media client operates on the media streams by issuing commands and monitoring for events through the media services interface
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The media client may free resources in use, allocate new resources, and reconfigure the group of media resources in other ways, if needed 4 Free resources and unbind Once the media client has completed its particular task it may return control of the media resources it was using to the media service instance or it may hand them off to another media client A media only client could also invoke a media services function to disconnect the call or transfer it away An integrated media client should then use the appropriate CTI service to detach the media service instance from the call Freeing, or deallocating, the media resources makes them available to other clients or to other threads of the same client To summarize, using media services involves: Binding and unbinding calls to media service instances in order to attach and detach the corresponding media streams, Allocating and deallocating media resources which can interact with the call's media streams, and Operating on the media stream using these media resources by exchanging messages with the media services interface
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