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CompTIA Security+ All-in-One Exam Guide
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need to be addressed when a virus is received via e-mail These can vary from organization to organization and from e-mail software to e-mail software; however, some useful examples of good practices involve examining all e-mails for a known source as well as a known destination, especially if the e-mails have attachments Strange files or unexpected attachments should always be checked before execution Users also need to know that some viruses can be executed simply by opening the e-mail or viewing it in the preview pane Education and proper administration is also useful in configuring the e-mail software to be as virus resistant as possible turning off scripting support and the preview pane are good examples Many organizations outline specific user responsibilities for e-mail, similar to network acceptable use policies Some examples include using e-mail resources responsibly, avoiding the installation of untrusted programs, and the use of localized antivirus scanning programs Another protection is to carefully create virus scanning procedures If possible, perform virus scans on every e-mail as it comes into the company s e-mail server Some users will also attempt to retrieve e-mail offsite from a normal Internet service provider (ISP) account, which can bypass the server-based virus protection, so every machine should also be protected with a host-based virus protection program that scans all files on a regular basis and performs checks of files upon their execution While these steps will not eliminate the security risks of malicious code in e-mail, it will limit infection and help to keep the problem to manageable levels
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Hoax E-Mails
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An interesting offshoot of e-mail viruses is the phenomenon of e-mail hoaxes If you ve had an Internet e-mail address for more than a couple of months, you ve probably received at least one of these the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe sent to you because someone was charged $250, the famous commencement speech by Kurt Vonnegut, and the young dying boy whose last wish was to make it into the record books by receiving the most get well cards ever These are the most famous of the e-mail hoaxes, though many others exist E-mail hoaxes are mostly a nuisance, but they do cost everyone, not only in the time wasted by receiving and reading the e-mails, but also in the Internet bandwidth and server processing time they take up E-mail hoaxes are global urban legends, perpetually traveling from one e-mail account to the next, and most have a common theme of some story you must tell ten other people about right away for good luck or some virus that will harm your friends unless you tell them immediately Hoaxes are similar to chain letters, but instead of promising a reward, the story in the e-mail is typically what produces the action Whether it s a call for sympathy from a dying boy, or an overly expensive recipe sent to the masses in the name of justice, all hoaxes prompt action of some sort, and this call for action is probably what keeps them going Hoaxes have been circling the Internet for many, many years, and many web sites are dedicated to debunking them The power of the e-mail hoax is actually quite amazing The Neiman-Marcus story, in which someone gets charged $250 for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, thinking that
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14: E-Mail and Instant Messaging
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she is only being charged $250, used to have a fatal flaw: Neiman-Marcus did not sell chocolate chip cookies (but it does now simply because of the hoax) The Kurt Vonnegut hoax was convincing enough to fool his wife, and the dying boy, who is now 20, still receives cards in the mail The power of these hoaxes probably means that they will never be stopped, though they might be slowed down The most important thing to do in this case is educate e-mail users: They should be familiar with a hoax or two before they go online, and they should know how to search the Internet for hoax information Users need to apply the same common sense on the Internet that they would in real life: If it sounds too outlandish to be true, it probably isn t The goal of education about hoaxes should be to change user behavior to delete the hoax e-mail and not send it on
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Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (Spam)
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Every Internet user has received spam, and usually on a daily basis Spam refers to unsolicited commercial e-mail whose purpose is the same as the junk mail you get in your physical mailbox it tries to persuade you to buy something The term spam comes from a skit on Monty Python s Flying Circus, where two people are in a restaurant that only serves the infamous potted meat product This concept of the repetition of unwanted things is the key to e-mail spam The first spam e-mail was sent in 1978 by a DEC employee However, the first spam that really captured everyone s attention was in 1994, when two lawyers posted a commercial message to every Usenet newsgroup This was the origin of using the Internet to send one message to as many recipients as possible via an automated program Commercial e-mail programs have taken over, resulting in the variety of spam that most users receive in their inboxes every day In 2000, AOL estimated that nearly 30 percent of e-mail sent to its systems was spam, accounting for nearly 24 million messages a day (according to The Industry Standard, wwwthestandardcom/article/0,1902,15586,00 html) Botnet researchers have reported that 1 million plus infected machines send more than 100 billion spam e-mails every day The appeal to the people generating the spam is the extremely low cost per advertising impression The senders of spam e-mail can generally send the messages for less than a cent apiece This is much less expensive than more traditional direct mail or print advertisements, and this low cost will ensure the continued growth of spam e-mail unless something is done about it The amount of spam being transmitted has been large enough to trigger state and federal legislators to consider action, but no effective laws have been passed as of this writing This has forced most people to seek out technical solutions to the spam problem The front line of the war against spam mail is filtering Almost all e-mail providers filter spam at some level; however bandwidth is still used to send the spam, and the recipient e-mail server still has to process the message To reduce spam, it must be fought on several fronts The first thing to be done is educate users about spam A good way for users to fight spam is to be cautious about where on the Internet they post their e-mail address However, you can t keep e-mail addresses secret just to avoid spam, so one of the steps that the majority of system administrators running Internet e-mail servers
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