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Oily Skin Types
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In the adjusted models of the cross-sectional study of 302 healthy men and women cited above, serum vitamin A acted as a predictor of sebum content and surface pH, with a higher level of vitamin A associated with a lower sebum level2 Such findings suggest that individuals with oily skin would benefit from eating foods rich in vitamin A Indeed, dietary consumption of plants and fish oil, high in PUFAs, is thought to be useful in treating inflammatory skin conditions because PUFAs are known to inhibit lipid inflammatory mediators68 (see 10)
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The OSNW Skin Type
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Each of the Baumann Skin Types has specific dietary needs Because of space constraints, each of the diets for the 16 Baumann Skin Types cannot be discussed here However, as an example of the utility in knowing the patient s Baumann Skin Type, the oily, sensitive, nonpigmented, wrinkled (OSNW) skin type will be briefly discussed Individuals with OSNW skin are at an increased risk of developing non-
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melanoma skin cancer (basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma) The dietary guidelines that the author suggests for such patients to help them reduce cutaneous inflammation as well as the proclivity to wrinkle may also help decrease their risk for skin cancer, though69 Generally, the diet for individuals with OSNW skin should be focused on inhibiting oil secretion, decreasing inflammation, and preventing photodamage and skin cancer Dietary vitamin A has been demonstrated to exhibit an association with reduced oil gland secretion2 Therefore, a diet rich in foods that contain vitamin A, such as cantaloupe, carrots, dried apricots, egg yolks, liver, mangoes, spinach, and sweet potatoes, is recommended Several foods have also long been fortified with vitamin A, including milk, some margarine, instant oats, breakfast cereals, and meal replacement bars In addition, carotenoids, which can be converted into vitamin A, have been demonstrated to exhibit inhibitory activity against skin cancer70 Two of the most protective carotenoids are lycopene, found abundantly in tomatoes, and lutein, found especially in spinach, kale, and broccoli71,72 A diet rich in other antioxidants, in addition to carotenoids, is also recommended, including a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and green tea Antioxidants have been demonstrated to help reduce the production of free radicals and destructive enzymes that promote skin aging In addition, olive oil has been shown to exhibit protective properties, especially imported extra virgin olive oil73 A diet rich in fish and fish oils is also recommended for OSNWs, due to the high level of omega-3 fatty acids found in such food sources As stated previously, omega-3 fatty acids appear to confer some anticancer and antiinflammatory effects64,69 Because vegetarians, particularly vegans, have been shown to manifest low levels of serum omega-3 fatty acids,60 vegetarian or vegan OSNWs should try to add seaweed, one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, to their diet (As stated previously, though, vegetarians and, particularly vegans, are more likely to tend toward dry skin) Individuals with OSNW skin who suffer from rosacea, particularly facial flushing, are advised to abstain from alcohol, hot (in temperature) foods, and spicy food In addition, such patients should be counseled to keep a record or diary of foods that exacerbate their condition, so that they have a clear idea of specific dietary triggers to avoid
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Pigmented Versus Nonpigmented Skin Types
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One focus of altering one s susceptibility to develop pigmentary changes (melasma, solar lentigos) is the study of endogenous agents that have the potential to impart whitening or lightening activity For example, vitamins C and E have been reported to suppress the spread of UV-induced hyperpigmentation in the skin of hairless mice74 (See 33 for more information on these agents) In a recent double-blind, placebocontrolled trial, investigators examined the various effects of dietary ellagic acidrich pomegranate extract on skin pigmentation after UV irradiation in 13 women in their 20s to 40s Volunteers were randomly assigned to one of three groups (high dose [200 mg/d ellagic acid], low dose [100 mg/d] or placebo [0 mg/d]) for the 4-week study Subjects completed questionnaires regarding the condition of their skin prior to and after completing the dietary intervention Based on the minimum erythema dose (MED) value recorded the previous day, a 15 MED dose of UV was administered to each participant on the inner right upper arm Based on baseline recordings and assessments at weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4, investigators found that in the high ellagic acid dose group and the low-dose group in comparison to the control group declining luminance rates were inhibited by 173% and 135%, respectively Questionnaire results indicated that the subjects observed improvements such as greater brightness and diminished pigmentation The investigators concluded that the oral consumption of ellagic acid-rich pomegranate extract exerts inhibitory activity against moderate pigmentation engendered by UV exposure75 Previously, several of the same investigators reported that an ellagic acid-rich pomegranate extract displayed inhibitory properties against mushroom tyrosinase in vitro, comparable to the known skin-whitening agent arbutin In addition, they demonstrated that oral administration of the pomegranate extract inhibited UV-induced skin pigmentation in brownish guinea pigs, comparable in skin-whitening effect to the use of L-ascorbic acid, although the number of DOPA-positive epidermal melanocytes was reduced by the ellagic-rich pomegranate extract but not by vitamin C The investigators concluded that oral pomegranate extract may be a suitable skin-whitening agent, likely by dint of suppressing melanocyte
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proliferation and melanin production by tyrosinase in melanocytes76 To determine the lightening activity of orally administered grape seed extract, which is laden with the potent polyphenolic antioxidant proanthocyanidin, Yamakoshi et al fed diets containing 1% grape seed extract or 1% vitamin C for 8 weeks to guinea pigs with UV-induced pigmentation No changes were seen in the vitamin C or control groups, but a lightening effect was manifested in the pigmented skin of the guinea pigs in the grape seed extract group, with a reduction in the number of DOPA-positive melanocytes, among other key parameters In addition, grape seed extract was reported to have disrupted mushroom tyrosinase activity and melanogenesis without suppressing cultured B16 mouse melanoma cell growth The researchers concluded that orally administered grape seed extract has the capacity to lighten pigmentation in guinea pig skin engendered by UV exposure, possibly through the inhibition of melanin production by tyrosinase in melanocytes as well as free radical-fueled melanocyte proliferation74 More recently, in a 1-year open design study, Yamakoshi et al evaluated the effectiveness of proanthocyanidin for the treatment of melasma Between August 2001 and January 2002, proanthocyanidin-rich grape seed extract was orally administered to 12 Japanese female melasma patients and to 11 of these 12 subjects between March and July 2002 Improvements in the melasma of 10 of the 12 women were noted during the first period of the study and in 6 of the 11 patients during the second period, with lightening values increasing and the melanin index significantly decreasing The investigators concluded that the polyphenolic grape seed extract is effective in diminishing the hyperpigmentation associated with melasma, with optimal results seen after 6 months of oral administration and additional supplementation perhaps helping to prevent exacerbation of the condition during the summer77 As is often the case, more research is necessary, but these preliminary animal study results support the notion of pomegranate and grape seed consumption or supplementation for combating the pigmentation tendency Pycnogenol is a standardized pine bark extract containing strong polyphenolic constituents with established antioxidant activity Research has suggested that this patented botanical extract formulation is more potent than
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vitamins C and E and has the capacity to recycle vitamin C, regenerate vitamin E (as does vitamin C), and promote the activity of endogenous antioxidant enzymes78 The efficacy of Pycnogenol in protecting against UV radiation inspired a 30-day clinical trial of 30 women with melasma in which patients took one 25 mg tablet of Pycnogenol at each meal, 3 times daily Researchers noted that the average surface area of melasma significantly decreased, suggesting that Pycnogenol is an effective and safe treatment for this condition78
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