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8 Keep the Lens Covered
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The lens cover is a plastic or metal piece that covers and protects the lens when you are not shooting pictures Tethers are available at camera supply stores to keep the lens cover with the camera so that it doesn t get lost in the haste of removing it from the camera A tethered lens cap is also a good reminder to make sure the lens cover is on the lens when it is not in use Never store the camera without making sure the lens cover is securely in place This will keep it clean and protect it from damage Remember, just a small impact with any hard object can permanently damage your lens
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Digital Photography: 99 Easy Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro!
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What Kinds of Lens Covers Are Available
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Lens covers come in a few varieties: Built-in Lens Covers Many low-end to midrange cameras with fixed lenses come with a mechanical door that slides back to reveal the lens as soon as you turn on the camera This is a nice feature because it automatically closes when you turn off the camera, so you ll never forget to put the lens cover back on or lose it Plastic Snap-on Covers These covers are designed to fit your particular lens and have spring-loaded catches that fit into the screw threads on the inside rim of the lens This type of lens cover tends to pop off when you unexpectedly give a fairly light nudge to one of the release handles On the other hand, the quick-release mechanism lets you get the cover on and off quickly Rubber or Plastic Slip Covers These are designed to slip snugly over the outside of the rim of your lens and must be fitted to your particular lens These are good covers if they fit tightly enough so they don t slip off when you don t want them to Metal Screw-on Covers These are the best kind of covers for absolute protection, and most professional photographers use them They are made of tough metal and screw into the inside lens threads, making it virtually impossible for them to detach unexpectedly Of course, your camera must have a threaded lens barrel to use a screw-on cover UV Filter Protection A glass UV filter screws on the front of your lens to protect it from being scratched After all, you can affordably replace a UV filter If you scratch your lens, you may have to replace the entire camera This filter has little effect if you re shooting indoors, but outdoors it has the added benefit of reducing ultraviolet haze that often softens landscape photos
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9 Keep Fresh, Quality Batteries on Hand
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Cameras use either a proprietary rechargeable battery that must be purchased through the camera s manufacturer or standard AA batteries, which are readily available in many stores You won t have much luck using standard alkaline batteries they don t hold enough charge and thus have to be purchased more frequently (often for more than a roll of film costs) It s a good idea to purchase a camera that uses rechargeable batteries A number of rechargeable battery types are available, as discussed in the following sections
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CHAPTER 2: Taking Care of Your Camera
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Nickel Cadmium (NiCaD) These types of batteries are the most common, but they are not necessarily the best for a couple of reasons: s They are not environmentally friendly s NiCad batteries suffer from memory effect Memory effect is the process of a battery reducing its ability to hold a full charge when it is repeatedly recharged before it has been fully discharged This effect increases every time the battery is recharged prematurely It is a common problem with NiCad batteries and can render the batteries useless over time Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) NiMH batteries are the best type of battery for use with digital cameras They can be recharged at any time with no performance loss They also tend to have higher power-rating capacities They can be recharged many times before burnout Finally, they can be recycled without damage to the environment Lithium Ion (LiON) LiON batteries are mostly used in external power packs and are not readily available in AA size They provide much more power than the other types of rechargeable batteries, so these batteries might play an important roll in future camera models
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