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Managing, Publishing, Printing, and Accessorizing Managing and Publishing Photos on the Web
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Optimize Images for the Web E-mail Your Photos Turn Still Photos into Web Animation Make an Instant Web Portfolio with Elements Caption and Frame Web Photos Choose the Right Printer, Paper, and Ink Create and Print Projects Calculate Resolution Needed for Printed Publication Make Your Photos into Gifts Archive Printing Techniques Print Without a Computer Print Without a Printer (Online) Close-up Lenses Extension Lenses Filters Tripods Other Devices to Steady Your Camera Cases External Flash LCD Hoods Be Prepared
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Printing Pictures that Look Good and Last
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Handy, Affordable Accessories
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If it weren t for Gene Hirsh, my friend and the co-author of our Photoshop Elements: The Complete Reference, it is unlikely that this book would have made it to press on time When illness and deadline pressures from other projects got to me, Gene gave it his all to make sure that the project happened Gene, you re the man Thank you and God bless I also want to thank my brilliant and charming acquisitions editor for her persistent calm, sense of humor, and practical approach to life Margie McAneny belongs in the top rung of acquisitions editors Tana Allen is equally diligent and conscientious, not to mention great to work with I also want to extend a warm thanks to Rowena White, Janet Walden, and Lisa Theobald for their skillful editing Bravo to Peter Hancik for a great design and also to Pattie Lee for an eye-catching cover Finally, I extend big thank you to my long-time agent, Margot Maley Hutchinson, for all her work in making this project a reality Lots of companies helped us out with review copies of their software and with review units of their cameras You ll see photographs and mentions of these products throughout the book Copious thanks to all of these companies for their help! Without it, we wouldn t have been able to gather nearly as much valuable information I d also like to make special mention of Nikon and Olympus; both companies made sure we were kept up-to-date and were especially quick to respond to our needs And special thanks also to the people at TechSmith for the constant updates to SnagIt! (which created all of the screenshots in this book) and Camtasia, a program that s great at capturing the screen in motion
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You ve done it! You finally went out and bought that digital camera you ve heard so much about and now you re staring at it, wondering how to make the thing work It can be a bit intimidating at first Do you find yourself pondering all those buttons, screens, and dials and scratching your head Where do you put in the film anyway It s OK, though, because you did one thing right You purchased this book, which places you firmly on the path to shooting digital photographs like a pro This book was conceived with the novice digital photographer in mind For that reason, I have kept the language in plain English; where technical terms are used, they include a clear, concise, no-nonsense explanation The digital camera is complex enough without making you learn a whole new technical language So rest assured that this book will make your life a bit easier by demystifying the subject as much as possible, making it possible for you to easily grasp this content and make it work for you Much of the knowledge in this user-friendly book was gained over my years of hard-knocks experience The 99 tips herein will help you take control of your camera, compose better photos, and will then launch you into the power of digital editing My hope is that you will find this book a helpful companion in introducing you to the tools and techniques that pros use to get dramatic results The only difference between an amateur and a pro is knowledge and experience I plan to convey to you the essential knowledge that will make the experience a rewarding one and start you on your way to more accomplished work Digital photography is a new invention, so practically everyone is a novice or was one not so long ago I wanted to mention this so you will feel comfortable and encouraged in your pursuit of this fascinating new aspect of photography You have lots of company in this pursuit, because we are all, even the pros, learning what digital photography can do Think of this as the Digital Photography Gold Rush you, too, can stake out your claim!
Digital Photography: 99 Easy Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro!
I have worked hard to devise a format for this book that will be easy to use The information presented in the tips follows a general structure of what is it , why do you need it , and how do you do it This allows you to get at the information you want quickly, without having to sift through pages of text I think you will find this a useful guide to stash in your camera case and to use for reference again and again I wish I had this book when I started out Perhaps that s why I wrote it I have chosen to use Adobe Photshop Elements to demonstrate many of the image-editing techniques in this book, because I feel it is one of the most robust image editors to hit the market at a low price Adobe Photoshop Elements was fashioned after Adobe Photoshop, a professional-level image editor By using Elements, which actually shares many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop, you can get a good sense of and feel for what professionals use everyday If you want to try out Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can download a free demo version at http://wwwadobecom/products/photoshopel/
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