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To use a check box involves these steps: 1 Create an instance of JCheckBox 2 Register an ItemListener for the check box and handle item events generated by the check box 3 To determine if the check box is selected, call isSelected( ) If the box is checked, true is returned If the box is cleared, false is returned Alternatively, call getStateChange( ) on the ItemEvent instance It returns the check box s current state 4 You can select a check box under program control by calling setSelected( )
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JCheckBox defines several constructors The one used here is: JCheckBox(String str) This creates a check box that is associated with the text specified by str In Swing, a check box is a special type of two-state button As a result, JCheckBox inherits AbstractButton and JToggleButton Therefore, the same techniques that manage a toggle button also apply to a check box See Create a Toggle Button for details A brief review is given here When a check box is selected or deselected, an item event is generated This is handled by itemStateChanged( ) Inside itemStateChanged( ), the getItem( ) method can be used to obtain a reference to the JCheckBox object that generated the event Next, you can call getStateChange( ) to determine if the box was selected or cleared If the box was selected, ItemEventSELECTED is returned Otherwise, ItemEventDESELECTED is returned Alternatively, you can call isSelected( ) on the check box to determine if it is selected You can set the state of a check box by calling setSelected( ) Check boxes generate an item event whenever the state of a check box changes Check boxes also generate action events when a selection changes, but it is often easier to use an ItemListener because it gives you direct access to the getStateChange( ) method It also gives you access to the getItem( ) method
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The following program demonstrates check boxes It defines four check boxes that support foreign-language translation The first check box is called Translate It is enabled by default, but unchecked The remaining three are called French, German, and Chinese They are disabled by default When the Translate check box is checked, it causes the other three check boxes to be enabled, which allows the user to select one or more languages The selected languages are displayed in jlabWhat Each time a check box is changed, the current action is displayed in jlabChange
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Herb Schildt s Java Prog ramming Cookbook
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// Demonstrate check boxes import javaawt*; import javaawtevent*; import javaxswing*; class CBDemo implements ItemListener { JLabel jlabTranslateTo; JLabel jlabWhat; JLabel jlabChange; JCheckBox jcbTranslate; JCheckBox jcbFrench; JCheckBox jcbGerman; JCheckBox jcbChinese; CBDemo() { // Create a new JFrame container JFrame jfrm = new JFrame("Check Box Demo"); // Specify a 1 column, 7 row grid layout jfrmsetLayout(new GridLayout(7, 1)); // Give the frame an initial size jfrmsetSize(260, 160); // Terminate the program when the user closes the application jfrmsetDefaultCloseOperation(JFrameEXIT_ON_CLOSE); // Create labels jlabTranslateTo = new JLabel("Translate To:"); jlabChange = new JLabel(""); jlabWhat = new JLabel("Languages selected: None"); // Make check boxes jcbTranslate = new JCheckBox("Translate"); jcbFrench = new JCheckBox("French"); jcbGerman = new JCheckBox("German"); jcbChinese = new JCheckBox("Chinese"); // Initially disable the language check boxes // and the Translate To and selected languages labels jlabTranslateTosetEnabled(false); jlabWhatsetEnabled(false); jcbFrenchsetEnabled(false); jcbGermansetEnabled(false); jcbChinesesetEnabled(false); // Add item listener for jcbTranslate jcbTranslateaddItemListener(new ItemListener() { // Change the enabled/disabled state of // the language check boxes and related labels
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// Also, report the state ofjcbTranslate public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent ie) { if(jcbTranslateisSelected()) { jlabTranslateTosetEnabled(true); jcbFrenchsetEnabled(true); jcbGermansetEnabled(true); jcbChinesesetEnabled(true); jlabWhatsetEnabled(true); jlabChangesetText("Translation enabled"); } else { jlabTranslateTosetEnabled(false); jcbFrenchsetEnabled(false); jcbGermansetEnabled(false); jcbChinesesetEnabled(false); jlabWhatsetEnabled(false); jlabChangesetText("Translation disabled"); } } }); // Changes to the language check boxes are handled // in common by the itemStateChanged() method // implemented by CBDemo jcbFrenchaddItemListener(this); jcbGermanaddItemListener(this); jcbChineseaddItemListener(this); // Add check boxes and labels to the content pane jfrmadd(jcbTranslate); jfrmadd(jlabTranslateTo); jfrmadd(jcbFrench); jfrmadd(jcbGerman); jfrmadd(jcbChinese); jfrmadd(jlabChange); jfrmadd(jlabWhat); // Display the frame jfrmsetVisible(true); } // This handles all of the language check boxes public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent ie) { String opts = ""; // Obtain a reference to the check box that // caused the event JCheckBox cb = (JCheckBox) iegetItem(); // Tell the user what they did
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