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Add Metrics to Scorecards in Metric Studio
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In its simplest form, a scorecard is a collection of metrics At times, you will find it necessary to create a scorecard with a unique collection of metrics You can do this by creating a scorecard and adding shortcuts to metrics Here s how to create a scorecard: 1 From the Scorecards pane, click New Scorecard The New Scorecard pane displays the General tab
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Part III:
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Authoring IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Content
New Metric Studio Security Model
The security model for Metric Studio changed considerably in Cognos 8 Be aware of this change Earlier versions of the security model enabled you to set security at the scorecard level allowing metrics and metric shortcuts to inherit security from the scorecard The current Cognos 8 security model only passes scorecard security to metrics, not to metric shortcuts To be safe you must review the metrics that a user can view Double check the All Metrics scorecard and the Metrics Type navigation area It is possible for a user to see metrics that you do not want them to see In Cognos 8, for the tightest security, you must also consider security at the metric level especially if you are using metric shortcuts on scorecards
2 In the Name text box on the General tab, enter a name for the scorecard 3 Click OK The new scorecard displays at the highest level in the hierarchy in the Scorecards pane You must identify the metrics to be added to the scorecard 4 Click the scorecard to select it to add metrics 5 Click the Metrics tab A screen displays in which you can add metrics 6 Click the Add Shortcuts to Metrics button The Select Metrics window opens 7 Navigate to the appropriate metric 8 Select the check box next to one or more metrics to be added to the scorecard 9 Click OK The Scorecard pane updates to display all metrics selected
Create Scorecard Strategies
Metric Studio allows strategies and strategy elements in a complex strategy to be created Metrics are assigned to a strategy to track whether the balanced scorecard perspectives are being improved Strategy elements provide more detail for the perspective and can have metrics assigned to them as well For example, strategy elements created to measure the development of new markets, the growth of the customer base, and improved customer experience all provide more detail for the sales and marketing perspectives Strategy maps are developed graphically by selecting strategy shortcuts and determining how the strategies relate to each other, as shown next You can bring the strategy map into play at the metric level, the metric type level, or the scorecard level to see the strategy of the organization
Scorecards and Metrics
Develop Watch Lists
Watch lists are used to gather metrics of interest in one location so that they can be watched and potentially corrected You can set alerts on the metric so that you are notified of changes to the metrics in the watch list via e-mail The metrics added to the watch list can be those for which you are accountable or those that impact a perspective that is failing and needs additional oversight
Add Cognos 8 Reports to Metrics
Reports can be added to a scorecard, a metric, or a metric type to display details of a selected metric We recommend that reports be added at the metric type level Doing so ensures the report is available for all metrics of that type Reports are displayed on the Report tab in Metric Studio When setting up reports having a prompt, you must be sure to select the Uses A Metric Item setting found in the Actions area of the Available Reports screen so that the report displays properly
Metric Studio Success!
You should now be able to load metrics into Metric Studio with the help of Metric Designer Using Metric Studio is fairly straight forward As was stated at the beginning of this chapter, most newcomers to Metric Studio struggle loading metrics Please take your time and follow the detailed examples to load metrics from Metric Designer Once you understand that process, you will be on your way toward balanced scorecard success before you know it
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