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Produce the Index
Generating UPC-A Supplement 5 In Visual C#.NET
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Generate UPC A In .NET
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Once you ve marked the entries, you re ready to create the index Follow these steps: 1 Position the insertion point where you want the index to appear for example, at the end of the document 2 Choose References | Index | Insert Index Word displays the Index dialog box with the Index tab foremost, shown here with choices made
Print UCC - 12 In Visual Studio .NET
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Encoding UPC A In Visual C#
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EAN13 Generation In VS .NET
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Create Bookmarks, References, Footnotes, and Indexes
DataMatrix Generator In VB.NET
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Bar Code Generation In VS .NET
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3 In the Type area, choose the type of index to create:
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Indented Select this option button to create a standard index with subentries
Paint UPC - 13 In Java
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Encode GS1-128 In None
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indented below the main entry An indented index is easy to read, as each subentry appears on its own line, but takes up more space
Decode Bar Code In Java
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Decode Barcode In .NET Framework
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Run-in Select this option button to create an index in which the subentries are run
Scan Code 39 Extended In Visual Basic .NET
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EAN 128 Drawer In Objective-C
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into the main entry s paragraph, separated with semicolons Run-in indexes are more compact than indented indexes but tend to be harder to read, especially when entries have many subentries 4 In the Columns text box, set the number of columns for the index Two columns are usually best, but you may need to use three columns to cram an index into a modest amount of space 5 In the Language drop-down list, you can choose the language for the index for example, English (United States) Word automatically suggests your current language, so normally you won t need to change it 6 In the Formats drop-down list, choose the format for the index Your choices are From Template (using the styles in the template attached to the document), Classic, Fancy, Modern, Bulleted, Formal, or Simple The Print Preview box shows the look of the selected format
EAN13 Decoder In VS .NET
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Bar Code Printer In .NET Framework
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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Word 2007
Drawing GTIN - 13 In VS .NET
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European Article Number 13 Generator In None
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7 If you selected the Indented option button, you can choose to right-align the page numbers and apply a tab leader To do so, select the Right Align Page Numbers check box, and then choose the tab leader characters (dots, dashes, or underlines) from the Tab Leader drop-down list 8 Click the OK button Word closes the Index dialog box, repaginates the document if needed, and then inserts the index If you chose an index layout using two or more columns, Word creates the index in its own section, using continuous section breaks
Format an Index
Word automatically applies the styles Index 1 through Index 9 to indexes, using Index 1 for a main entry, Index 2 for a first-level subentry, and so on You can format the index by changing these styles 4 discusses how to work with styles
Update an Index
After you first create your index, you may find that it needs more entries or subentries, or that you need to change entries To delete an existing index entry, choose Home | Paragraph | Show/Hide to display index codes, select the code, and then press DELETE To update an index, right-click anywhere in it, and then choose Update Field from the context menu Alternatively, click anywhere in the index, and then press F9
Create a Table of Contents, Figures, or Authorities
To help you make long documents easy to navigate, Word lets you create tables of contents, tables of authorities, and tables of figures
Create a Table of Contents
A table of contents is a brief overview of a document normally, a list of the top two or three levels of headings, with page numbers to allow the reader to go directly to any heading For an example of a table of contents, see the front of this book Word creates tables of contents from paragraph styles If you ve used Word s built-in Heading 1 to Heading 9 styles for the headings in a document, you can create a table of contents instantly If you ve used other styles for the headings (or if you want to create the table of contents from paragraphs other than the headings), you ll need to customize the table of contents To create a table of contents, follow these steps: 1 Place the insertion point where you want to insert the table of contents for example, at or near the beginning of the document
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