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Maker QR Code in Microsoft Office Brainstorming Session, and Certificate

Brainstorming Session, and Certificate
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Corporate Business Plan, Financial Overview, Company Meeting, Employee
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Orientation, Group Home Page, and Company Handbook
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Projects Project Overview, Reporting Progress or Status, and Project Post-Mortem Sales/Marketing Selling a Product or Service, Marketing Plan, and Product/Services
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Overview To start, click AutoContent Wizard in the New Presentation task pane to open the title screen of the wizard Click Next On the next screen of the wizard, choose a presentation type and a specific topic Click Next Here you see the topics available for the Corporate type of presentation
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Click Add to add an existing presentation to the list You can use this feature to place in the AutoContent Wizard boilerplate presentations or presentation outlines that you use often Click Remove to remove presentations that you know you will never use
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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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The next screen asks you for the type of output, as you see here Choose how you will display the presentation to your audience to get the right size and format Then click Next
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The next screen offers you some specific options for creating the presentation, as shown here Enter a title for the entire presentation and any information that you want to appear on each slide You can change any of these options later
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PowerPoint creates an entire presentation once you click Finish In Figure 2-1, you see a complete presentation created with the AutoContent Wizard The title slide has been customized to suit the company s needs Look at the outline in the Outline pane in Figure 2-1 It covers all the topics most companies need for an employee orientation but includes no specifics Once you have created a presentation with the AutoContent Wizard, you need to edit the text for your specific situation and needs ( 3 covers editing text) Nevertheless, it is a complete slide show with text and background, and may include other features such as footnotes, animation, etc The slide show in Figure 2-1
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CHAPTER 2: Create Your First Presentation
A complete presentation created using the AutoContent Wizard
includes today s date and the slide number at the bottom of each slide In addition, transitions and animation have been added to the slides ( 9 covers transitions and animation) You can use the information in the rest of this book to finalize the presentation For creating a complete presentation quickly, there s nothing like the AutoContent Wizard However, you will always need to customize your content
Choose a Background Design
Let s say that you don t need any help with the text You know exactly what you want to say and may already have prepared an outline (Outlines are covered in the Structure a Presentation from an Outline section, later in this chapter) In this case, choose a design template to create a new presentation To create a presentation from a design template, choose From Design Template in the New Presentation task pane and click OK The task pane automatically switches to show you the
How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
The Importance of Design Templates
Design templates are backgrounds for your slides A background comprises both a colored background and design elements that appear on every slide The template also includes other features such as a color scheme, bullet design, specific fonts, and font sizes You can also add text animation to the template Using a design template creates a unified look for your entire presentation Many new templates are available from the Templates Web site To find them, scroll down to the bottom of the templates in the Slide Design Design Templates task pane and click the Design Templates on Microsoftcom link The truth is that if you hire outside professionals to make a slide show for you, they always create a background design from scratch However, you can often find an appropriate design template that will give your presentation a professional look Your choice of design template has a powerful effect on the impact of your presentations 5, 6, and 7 are packed with helpful information and tips on graphic layout, color, and visual effects that can help you decide the best design template to use Refer to 7 for details on creating your own design template
Slide Design task pane, displaying currently used, recently used, and available design templates, as shown in Figure 2-2 Since PowerPoint 2002, you can use as many design templates as you wish, by applying any design template to selected slides only However, don t go overboard! Stick to one or two design templates Use the scroll bar to view all the design templates until you find one you like As you pass your mouse over a template preview, a down arrow appears Click the arrow and choose one of the options:
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