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Creator Quick Response Code in Microsoft Office Transition from Slide to Slide

Transition from Slide to Slide
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Another type of animation controls how each new slide appears Because these effects control the transition from one slide to another, they are called transitions While some of these effects have the same names as animations, they look quite different when applied to an entire slide
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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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Use Transitions Wisely
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Transitions, like slide animation, need to be used with reserve Many options are available, but that doesn t mean you should use them all in one presentation One of the best solutions is to choose a simple transition and apply it to every slide in the presentation If your presentation is divided into sections, you could use a second transition to introduce each new section
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Choose the Ideal Transition Style
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The ideal transition style heightens your audience s attention without your audience noticing why If the transition style is too active, your audience will get a headache looking at it PowerPoint offers a transition style for every possible purpose You may want to set transitions in Slide Sorter view where you can get a sense of the flow of the entire presentation PowerPoint places an Animation icon beneath each slide with a transition so you can easily see which slides have transitions and which don t However, you can add transitions in Normal view When you add a transition to a slide, the transition determines how that slide appears after the previous slide is removed from view To add a transition, follow these steps: 1 Select the slide or slides to which you want to add a transition 2 Choose Transition on the Slide Sorter toolbar to open the Slide Transition task pane, shown in Figure 9-11 3 Choose a transition style from the list at the top of the task pane 4 From the Speed drop-down list, choose Fast, Medium, or Slow 5 From the Sound drop-down list, choose a sound if you wish If you want the sound to be continuous, choose Loop Until Next Sound Adding a sound to each slide transition can get very annoying It can work for a self-playing presentation or else at the beginning or end of a presentation 6 In the Advance Slide section of the task pane, choose whether you want slides to advance on a mouse click, automatically after a specified number of seconds, or both If you want to use automatic timing, it s a good idea to keep the On Mouse Click option checked as well If On Mouse Click is not checked, your mouse will not work while you present! (You can still use the keyboard) As a result, you should keep this box checked even if you also check the Automatically After check box 7 Click Apply to All Slides if you want to apply the transition to the entire presentation Otherwise, the transition you chose (in step 3) is applied only to selected slides
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CHAPTER 9: Add Animation to a Presentation
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Use the Slide Transition task pane to create transitions from slide to slide
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As you click a slide, the Slide Transition task pane highlights the slide s transition You can view transitions in three ways:
In Slide Sorter view, click the Animation icon, shown here (You see animation for the
slide as well as the transition)
How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Use Animations and Transitions Effectively
When presentation software programs introduced movement into their feature sets, it became the best of times and the worst of times It s not enough to animate objects because you can; your audiences simply grow weary of the gratuitous use of any presentation element The first time you animate some clip art, it gets a few oohs and aahs; the second and third time, some yawns The flying objects appear to be nothing more than a multimedia shell game, causing audiences to wonder under which presentation component the real message resides That said, the proper use of movement can have a profoundly positive effect on how your audiences grasp, interpret, and retain your key messages You can make a busy chart significantly easier to understand by introducing the content in animated stages Mirroring how the presenter addresses the information (quarter by quarter or category by category) is essential in making the point Text-based information creates its own inherent challenges When given a chance to read ahead, the audience is more likely to make quick judgments By staging the bullets to enter on a mouse click, you get an opportunity to articulate the points before judgment is passed, providing the best chance of the audience staying with the flow of information The challenge in creating a quality presentation is to identify opportunities for making text-type information more graphical and introducing it in a way that best supports your needs This could be processes, steps, chronologies, or other similar topics Transition effects fall into the same category Presentation software provides many more options than will ever be appropriate Look at transition effects as a tool for guiding the audience s eye or creating interest For example, you could use a Wipe Up effect to guide the eye back to the top after each slide, or possibly a Wipe Left effect to reset the eye for more information Pick a specific nondistracting transition and stick with it Sort through the choices, eliminate those that fall into the cute category (audiences grow weary of cute very quickly), and throw in a change-up once in a while Introducing a new topic in the presentation may be a time to box out a transition and then get back into your standard transition effect Let s face it: animations and transitions are just electronic effects A wise presenter realizes that the stage lights don t make good presenters compelling stories do Thanks to Jim Endicott, who is owner/manager of Distinction, a business communications company that provides creative and consulting support services He assists business professionals in enhancing the content, tools, and techniques of effective presenting Jim regularly writes articles for Presentations magazine He can be reached at 503-554-1203 or jimendicott@distinction-servicescom
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