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Figure 11-10 HP s WebInspect web application security scanning tool scans the company s sample
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website, zerowebappsecuritycom
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HP Security Toolkit, bundled with the WebInspect product, offers all the tools commonly used by advanced web application security analysts It requires Microsoft s NET Framework 11 and therefore currently only runs on Windows All the tools are designed to plug into WebInspect, so you can use them to perform deeper analysis against components of an application that you ve already scanned (although we were not successful in figuring out how to get this working on the beta version) Here s a list of the tools and brief descriptions of what they do: Cookie Cruncher Tools include character set, randomness, predictability, and character frequency measurements, taking much of the grunt work out of cookie analysis Cookie Cruncher is pictured in Figure 11-11 Encoders/decoders These tools encode and decode 15 different, commonly used encryption/hashing algorithms, with input for a user-provided key Very helpful to have around when performing web application analysis due to the preponderance of encoding, such as hexadecimal (URL), Base64, and XOR
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Hacking Exposed 6: Network Security Secrets & Solutions
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HTTP Editor No web app security analysis toolkit would be complete without a raw HTTP editor to generate unexpected input to all aspects of the application Regular Expressions Editor A nifty tool for testing input/output validation routines for correctness Server Analyzer A tool to ngerprint and identify the software running a web server SOAP Editor This tool is like HTTP Editor, but for SOAP, with the added bene t of auto-generated formats SQL Injector It s about time someone cooked one of these up Seems somewhat limited in the number of engines/exploits at this time, but it looks good going forward Web Brute Another can t-do-without tool for the web app security tester This one checks authentication interfaces for weak credentials, which is a common pitfall Web Discovery This tool is a simple port scanner with a built-in list of common ports used by web apps, which is helpful for scanning large network spaces for rogue web servers It proved exible and fast in our testing Web Form Editor This tool provides the ability to de ne web form elds and values to be used when testing applications Web Macro Recorder Complicated websites often have complicated login or authentication schemes WebInspect supports these using scripted series of actions, or macros, which you de ne using this tool Web Fuzzer This tool provides automated HTTP fuzzing to complement the manual HTTP Editor Web Proxy Local man-in-the-middle analysis tool for disassembling web communications This tool is a lot like Achilles, but with much improved usability, visibility, and control Rational AppScan Pursuing the same market as HP, IBM acquired Watchfire and their AppScan product in July 2007, branding it Rational AppScan Targeted at the same corporate customers as WebInspect, AppScan features a similar feature set, providing enterprise scalability, a robust set of comprehensive tests, and a toolbox of utilities for investigating and validating findings Available in three editions, the standard edition provides assessment capabilities for a desktop user IBM provides the testing edition for organizations to integrate assessment into their development process, and the enterprise edition provides centralized scanning, with the ability to perform multiple scans simultaneously We downloaded a trial version of AppScan from IBM (at http://wwwibmcom/ developerworks/rational/products/appscan/) and ran a scan against their provided
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Web Hacking
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Figure 11-11 HP s Cookie Cruncher utility, from the company s HP Security Toolkit web application
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security analysis tool suite
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test website In about an hour, AppScan ran through its library of 1250 tests with over 5800 variants and identified 26 High, 18 Medium, 23 Low, and 10 Info severity issues Figure 11-12 shows the AppScan interface after performing the scan One particularly useful feature of AppScan is its ability to identify cases where the same issue has been found in multiple tests and roll those up into a single issue with several variants Without this feature, we would have had to wade through over 700 findings! Along with the same enterprise feature set that WebInspect provides comes the same enterprise price tag While IBM would prefer that you call them to get a quote, a quick Internet search revealed a base price of $17,500 for a term-limited license of the AppScan standard edition Nevertheless, if you are looking for large-scale automated web privacy, security, and regulatory compliance, Watchfire should be on your short list
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