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Read E-mail in Plaintext
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If you ve configured Outlook/OE to use a heavily locked-down Restrictive Sites zone as is recommended, you ve covered 98 percent of the potential risk from malicious e-mail If you are a power user, and you want to eliminate even more risk, we recommend configuring Outlook/OE to read e-mail in plaintext format Although this reduces the
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Hacking Exposed 6: Network Security Secrets & Solutions
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Figure 12-4 Even though it may require more of your work in explaining to your kids or users that
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these settings are necessary, they are worth the effort
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graphical appeal and functionality of e-mail, it is very effective at restricting potential malicious activity based on dynamic features or vulnerable user interface software (recall the GDI+ vulnerability we discussed earlier in this chapter, and refer to the discussion of libpng issues we will discuss later in the context of non-Microsoft vulnerabilities) Therefore, we still recommend it for power users who can deal with the usability limitations To configure Outlook 2003 and later for plaintext e-mail, use the Tools | Options | Preferences tab| Email Options button | Read All Standard Email as Plain Text setting In Outlook Express, use Tools | Options | Read tab | Read All Messages in Plain Text check box Official recommendations for configuring plaintext e-mail can be found at http:// supportmicrosoftcom/ kbid=307594, 831607, and 291387 for Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003, and Outlook Express 6, respectively
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Hacking the Internet User
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Figure 12-5 Allowing only speci c websites to be visited can reduce the vectors of attack dramatically
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Don t Be Gullible on the Internet
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Let s face it, not all security problems are rooted in the technical End users are complicit in achieving better security, and they shouldn t simply rely on technology to save them no matter how ill-advised their behavior In the chapter so far, we ve covered many tips for behaving sanely on the Internet, some of which we ll reiterate here: Be extraordinarily cautious with e-mail attachments We recommend not launching them period, unless you are speci cally expecting them from someone Don t assume that e-mail from a trusted correspondent was actually sent by that person It could be an address book worm masquerading as the correspondent Strenuously avoid providing any sensitive information via web browser or e-mail Yes, that s a bit extreme, but in years of analyzing the security practices of online service providers and the software that underlies them, you can say we
Hacking Exposed 6: Network Security Secrets & Solutions
are a little paranoid One way to maintain your participation in the world of online commerce, even in light of this rule, is to establish a credit card with a low charge limit and fraud refund guarantee and then set its billing address to a mail service center, post of ce box, or other nonsensitive physical location where packages can be received Thus, any information you enter online is expendable, and you can sleep better at night It also pays to remember that good online vendors won t ask you for sensitive data in e-mail or via other inappropriate mediums (for example, without SSL) If you are using a vendor who does that, stop giving them your business Strive to authenticate the sites you navigate on the Internet If the site uses SSL and asks for sensitive information, check the SSL certi cate before proceeding to validate that the site is what it pretends to be Avoid clicking links to navigate to sensitive sites such as online banking/ nancial services Instead, manually type them into the browser s address bar and then bookmark them as Favorites We hope these tips, used in conjunction with the technical advice we ve given so far, enable a safer and more productive online experience for you and your family
Why Not Use Non-Microsoft Clients
For some, this would seem the ultimate countermeasure for Microsoft s ongoing Internet client security vulnerabilities In fact, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) caused quite a media splash when they became one of the more prominent security authorities to make this recommendation in their Vulnerability Note VU#713878 in July 2004 (see http://wwwkbcertorg/vuls/id/713878) Although initially attractive, like most extreme positions, the attractiveness fades under harsher analysis Let s take a look at some of the pros and cons of dumping IE It s undeniable that using Microsoft Internet clients makes users a bigger target for nefarious activity The best security researchers and malicious hackers in the world are working 24/7 to find the ultimate hole in Microsoft s armor, if for nothing else than the satisfaction of causing maximum damage to the widest number of users, both corporate and individual There are two important consequences of this phenomenon: It becomes dif cult to tell if Microsoft produces software of exceptionally poor quality, or if it is simply subject to greater scrutiny than other vendors Of all software vendors, Microsoft has the most (potential) to learn from this unique scrutiny and in many cases has taken steps to improve its products in ways that most other vendors have not (yet) Simple intuition indicates that any organization with the resources of Microsoft should at least be competitive in terms of product quality, and informal studies have indicated that, if anything, IE is superior to similar products in terms of quality For example, Michal Zalewski s comparison of browser crashes at http://wwwsecurityfocus com/archive/1/378632 found that IE was immune to several common bugs that crashed other browsers (one caveat: such informal comparisons are by nature subject to a number
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