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Create Server-Based Web Applications
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Although JavaScript dominates all other languages when it comes to web-client programming, that is not the case with server-side programming JavaScript was one of the first server-side
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CHAPTER 1: Prepare to Program in JavaScript
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languages supported (back in 1996, when Netscape released its web server platform), but it was unable to use that head start to its advantage Perl quickly became a popular server-side scripting tool, and several other languages have emerged (including VBScript in the ASP environment, PHP, and JSP) as popular alternatives One of the reasons server-side languages vary so much is that the server environment can be controlled to a certain extent by web developers In most cases, developers have very little control over the browsers people use So while the choice of client-side programming language is really a lowest common denominator decision (which language is supported by the most browsers), the choice on the server is whatever the developer wants to use For some developers, getting to choose the programming language is like being a kid in a candy store There are many server-side programming languages to choose from, and no real reason to choose one over another except personal preference
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Use JavaScript in a DOS or Windows Environment
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For a long time now, Microsoft has been providing the Windows Script Host (WSH) tools as a free add-on to Windows as a download from its web site WSH includes the latest versions of Microsoft s two scripting languages VBScript and JScript With WSH, you can create a small program in JScript that could be run from the DOS prompt In fact, many virus writers took advantage of this ability (particularly with VBScript), so these macros and small scripts are less frequently used these days In fact, many mail systems ban them altogether when sent as an attachment to e-mail, due to the potential for viruses Windows Script, including the JScript and VBScript engines, can be downloaded free from http://msdnmicrosoftcom/scripting Developers can still create small programs using JScript for use in a Windows environment, although it is rarely done These JScript programs rely on the presence and enablement of the Windows scripting environment, and in these security-conscious times, that is something which you cannot rely on too heavily
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JavaScript Development Tools
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One of JavaScript s strengths is that expensive development tools are not usually required With a simple text editor such as Notepad, which is built into Windows, you can create relatively complex JavaScript code with little trouble Since it is an interpreted language inside the context of a web browser, you don t even need to buy a compiler A compiler is a program that turns programming code into machine-ready form, often called a binary or an executable
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How to Do Everything with JavaScript
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But just because JavaScript can be edited in a simple text editor doesn t mean that it should be Development environments offer several key resources that often make development faster and easier, such as:
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Predefined scripts that can be easily added to a web page Integrated help, to quickly look up the syntax of a function Automatic FTP uploads to a web server Integrated debugging tools
In this section, we will examine the top four HTML editors Each of these editors has significant support for JavaScript development, including ready-to-use scripts, JavaScript editing tools, and embedded help
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft has developed a popular HTML editor called FrontPage FrontPage provides web developers with a number of JavaScript tools to assist in the creation of an interactive web site FrontPage was once the undisputed leader in HTML and JavaScript development tools Now a couple of other competitors in the field have taken a significant slice of the Microsoft market share Macromedia and NetObjects FrontPage still contains many useful features, including capabilities such as designing a web site s hierarchy before creating any of the pages, configuring web site security, setting sitewide styles, and creating custom banner images Figure 1-2 shows how FrontPage Explorer can be used to organize a web site by graphically linking pages together Microsoft FrontPage also has a server-side component called FrontPage Server Extensions, which enables it to integrate well into Microsoft s IIS web server FrontPage can be purchased for $90 to $170, which makes it a very affordable tool for nonprofessional web site developers Microsoft offers a free 30-day trial version of FrontPage 2002 for those who are interested in trying out the software The trial CD can be ordered from http://wwwmicrosoftcom/frontpage
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