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Connecting with Your Peers: Office Live Groove
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Office Live Groove is an application that takes advantage of peer-to-peer technology to let individuals share designated files At first glance, Office Live seems similar to Office Live Groove in more than name only Both programs allow networked individuals to share files on their computers Both are accessed online, rather than software installed on a file system Office Live Groove is related to a similar program simply called Office Groove Office Live Groove isn t software you have to install and maintain You try it, you are up and running quickly, and you subscribe if you find the service useful It s ideal for small businesses that don t have extensive IT support Office Groove, on the other hand, needs to be deployed on each of the computers in a company network Not only that, but you also need to run a server program called Office Groove Server to make Office Groove work on your internal network
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Advanced Productivity Tools
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The obvious question is, what is the difference between the two live services Should you consider Office Live Groove if you already use Office Live In fact, a big difference does exist: Office Live is built on Windows SharePoint technology, as described in 10 Somewhere in Microsoft s facilities, when you connect to your Office Live site, you are making use of a SharePoint server With Groove, you don t need a server Members of a workgroup connect directly to one another s computers using peer-to-peer networking Each computer on the network can be a server on the network, and each can be a client You don t necessarily need to be able to share the entire contents of any one individual s file system, of course Instead, you set up a directory for sharing files and you make available only the ones you want to provide Groove should work faster on a local network than Office Live because it doesn t use an Internet connection at all It uses only your local network s Ethernet connection, which is extremely fast Groove is a good option for file sharing when your Internet connection goes down, for instance Office Live Groove 2007 originally went by the name Groove Virtual Office It s offered as part of Office Enterprise 2007, which also includes Office OneNote 2007 and Office Professional Plus 2007
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Understanding Peer-to-Peer Collaboration
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If you ever used the services of Napster or one of the other well-known (and infamous) file-sharing networks, you re familiar with peer-to-peer technology, which is what Office Live Groove provides Napster enabled computers to set themselves up as servers and share music with other users (or peers) on the network In this peer-to-peer setup, you were able to download any music in a folder the Napster member had set up for file sharing The downside was this: transferring the files depended on the speed of the user s Internet connections, the speed of the computer, and whether the user was available on the Internet at a given time The same downside applies to Office Live Groove If a user isn t online, you can t retrieve their files using Office Live Groove That s why Groove users may want to set up an Office Live Essentials or Premium workspace as a backup, so they can access files on a 24/7 basis
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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Live
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You ll find the Office Live Groove home page at http://officemicrosoft com/en-us/groove/defaultaspx You can download a trial version of the program there and launch it 25 times Then, you are required to pay a $7995 yearly subscription to keep using it for each user
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Creating a Workspace
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A blog devoted to Microsoft Office Live Groove (http://blogsmsdncom/marco/ archive/2006/02/23/538047aspx) states this application is being used internally at Microsoft itself That s a reason why it s so easy and practical to use In particular, it s easy and fast to create a workspace Once you use Office Live for a while, you get used to working on the server If you ve been away for a while, you might have to log in again When you want to view a new page, you need to wait for it to reload If you want to upload a document or image to your Office Live space, it might take a minute or two as the Image Manager opens With Groove, your own computer is the server You set up your workspace right on your own file system with just a couple of mouse clicks You don t need to set up a server You don t even need an internal network As long as your computers are on the Internet, you can set up a shared workspace and invite selected individuals to use it And a measure of security comes from assigning user names and passwords, too What makes Groove unique is a peer-to-peer architecture that lets individuals in an enterprise collaborate directly with one another, rather than through a server In the sample image provided by Microsoft and shown in Figure 16-1, you see, in the window on the right, a group of workspaces set up on one computer Clicking the New Workspace link near the top of this window opens the dialog box on the left, which lets you specify the kind of workspace you want to create You can choose from a set of predefined templates an option that should be familiar to Office Live customers On the downside, Office Groove is expensive And it doesn t include web site and e-mail capability Office Live, at the same time, can enable your office to create a web site and get a free domain name, not to mention business applications
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